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Day 11

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Early on day 11. Been a funny morning so far. I'm not craving or longing a smoke, it just feels different. I almost feel like I could have a good cry and that would help me feel better. I'm not a person who shows my emotions easily so I wonder if it means anything?

Hope everyone else is going strong on their freedom quest/quit! Welcome to any newbies joining the forum.

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Hello Mark, a massive well done on day 11, almost two weeks down. IMHO your emotions are linked to the nicotine withdrawl, I spent the first couple of weeks crying at the commercials on the telly :confused:

Thanks for replying Jenninegs. I don't know if it is linked to withdrawal or not. All I know is that on and off today I have felt like having a good old cry. I'm not even sure if its related to stopping, if I just need to get some emotions out or if I'm grieving the fact that my old life (nicotine filled) is over and the new me won't fully emerge until I have done this. First chance I get I want to have a good old cry on my own and get it all out of the system.

I still have no desire to smoke nor use the spray, but as always, I refuse to become cocky or complacent.

Oh,yes, Mark, I can relate to that! Is it a sort of emptiness, a feeling of something not quite being right? A lot of people seem to go through that, it's almost like a mourning process for the fags. It'll pass! :D


I don't blame you, you obviously need to let it out, I didn't look too deeply into my crying bouts as I just "went" with them. You are right not to be complacent, I am having a whopper of a sustained craving at the moment which has been going on for about three hours!!! I will not give in but by god I really wasn't expecting it at this stage of my quit and on Champix too - Bummer

Hello Mark....I've been so wrapped up in myself I only just noticed your thread. You have been such a help to me today I just wanted to jump in and cheer you on. Things usually feel a bit better after a good cry, you are doing so well. Keep up the good work.:)

That's the weird thing, I don't feel empty. I really can't put my finger on it. It's just a weird 'I could use a good cry' feeling. Don't you even consider giving in Jenninegs otherwise most of the forum members will be hunting you down and having some very harsh words with you! I'm sure you have gone through worse and that you will be fully functional on the other side.

First chance I get I will be and I have no shame in saying it

Sorry to hear your low Mark, some days are like that anyways, i wake up and feel instantly low and cannot fathom why, possibly a dream that i cannot remember.. who knows, anyhoooo let it be, mope, cry and let it out, suppressing our feelings is not good for the body, or mind.... and remember tomorrow is another day.... a blank page!! :)

It is really strange - I haven't had any cravings, I don't miss smoking, I don't feel low, I cannot for live not money figure out why I want a good cry. It's just something I feel like I need to do. There is no explanation for it. I give up on trying to figure it out. Thanks for all the replies tho guys, the support on this site is fantastic.

A good cry never did anyone any harm and usually does a lot of good.

Cry, get that feeling out of your system. You say your not longing but its a big thing to stop something you have done for many years. It is going to affect your emotions.

So cry, scream, shout, throw things, stamp your feet, do anything you need to do to stop yourself from reaching for those horrible things.

Lillie xxxx

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