Day 7 today reflections and regrets

7 days of not smoking and feeling good. This is a good milestone and I dont feel that I have missed out on anything this week, in fact I have defintly gained lots by not smoking, clean smelling hair and breath, hours of my life, about £20quid and it may sound really corny but it is the self respect of simply not doing it any more that has really hit me. I genuinly feel sorry for people who feel they have to smoke as I can now see how it did nothing for me but trap me.. For nearly a decade :( !!

All it brings is bad stuff and I was so stupid to start in the first place, so stupid to carry on all this time and so stupid to have started again each time I have quit. I feel so confident that I can do it now, yet there are still black shaddows on my mind as they are such devious little buggers that although I feel fine and the addiction is basically driven by a mild feeling of 'hmmm I could really smoke right now' that only gets really bad when you start to mope and agree with it, you just never know.. I have done this soo many times and I am scared that I will fail again.. :( But it is all my decisions so Hopefully i will have the streangth to see this through for the last time.

Anyways feel much better mentally then I did on day one and starting to feel less spaced out which is nice, still a bit of a gunk machine though!!:D

Good morning, well done for getting this far, and good luck to everyone out there quitting... pat on the back!!!



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  • Well done a week is a mile stone and you should feel proud of yourself for making it this far. There will be many times ahead when you want to smoke :( but you have shown that you don't need to:).

    Your positive attitude does you credit and you should not feel "scared" that you fall off the wagon, it is always a choice and you just have to be strong enough to say "No I don't smoke any more" and never take another puff.

    When I was at school (many years ago;)) a motivational speaker came in to give a talk, his catch phrase was "if its to be its down to me" and I think that it really rings true while stopping smoking. While this place is here to give support the only person who can actually see it through is you. I also feel that stopping smoking is a "grown up" kind of thing to do!!!!

    Good luck with it.



  • You are right as always nic :)

    You are right, but it's a funny one, I do feel passionate that I can quit and confident that this is my time, however i am simply aware that i have felt like this before and smoked again so if anything I am being cautious and my self doubt is driving me forward by being a testament to how powerful addiction can be, thus ironically reinforcing why it is that I gave up in the first place!!

    But You are right it is down to me, I can and will do this and I should tread with caution but KNOW i can succeed.. we all can, we dont NEED to smoka at all, in fact it is the last thing we need to do so there is no reason why I would ever have to again!!

    Cheers, and good morning! You are a big help to me at the moment :)


  • I completely agree, its very easy to be all motivated at the start of a quit only to lose momentum after a few weeks/months. Checking back here regularly and posting, is helping me to re-enforce my mental attitude, so its not totally altruistic:p.

  • how long

    how long has it been for you now, and how do you feel now?


  • I have been quit for 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 20 hours, 52 minutes and 14 seconds (50 days). I have saved £219.75 by not smoking 915 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Days, 4 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 17/07/2008 13:2

    I feel good, I find that I only get the desire to smoke after meals, sometimes while driving. It passes quickly though.

    I'm on NRT, probably for another 2-3 weeks. I'm not sure what to expect when I come off it but it will just be another thing to deal with, and hopefully not that difficult. I suspect that if I let it worry me it will be 10 times worse.



  • good for you

    Well done :)

    I have used NRT in a privious attempt, I think it is kinda like using the allen carr method in that you deal with the psychological reasons for smoking and break the physical habit of smoking so that you are able to get through the withdrwal from nicotine addiction. (which is ironic as allen says don't use NRT) You seem really clued up and educated in the addiction and ultimatly I think that is what keeps you strong and drives you forward when cold turkey... To be honest I havn't noticed a difference in easyness between NRT and cold turkey, so hopefully you will barely notice it, once you are on the lightest patches you are hardly getting any nicotine and you have the added benifit of over a month of breaking the 'habits' ie after a meal etc so just good good luck.

    Keep me posted on how you are doing.



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