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Day 12 - thoughts and reflections


So one thing that I have really noticed being nicotine free now is that I vividly dream every night! and I remember them every day I wake up.When I was a child and early teen (pre smoking) I remember I used to have a very rich imagination and amazing dreams but I thought they went because of age. before I quit smoking I would never remember my dreams and I would wake up feeling tired, now im waking up feeling I have had a good night sleep despite the increase in brain activity!

With that in mind, even though my brain is showing me it is happier im still having cravings today. Just feeling a little moody and on edge. I don't want to smoke because I really want my body to heal. I am also in keeping with the Buddhist belief that craving for anything leads to suffering as it creates the reality of needing physical satisfaction to be happy which is what is going on badly in todays society anyways. I truly believe that to be happy you need to be ok just being. not filling the hole or void, but instead learning to sit with it and watch when it reacts. This can be applied to smoking and I once heard a talk about this learning to sit with a feeling and not looking to change it or hide it etc was the only was to become ok with it.

Anyways, happy to be on day 12, but feeling angry and thoughtful. xx

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I've noticed I'm also having vivid dreams now too.

HercuValued Contributor

Nikki...very very deep words and thoughts...needed to read it twice to get the hang of it and yes very true....

A Japanese proverb came to mind “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”


Hummmm! Interesting! I had the vivid dreams too but I thought it was the champix doing whatever it does....I didn't think it was the smoking as I didn't have them when I tried Ct... That's interesting...


Remember you were telling me about the patches before!? Omg I had such a laugh...

im on day 14 and still getting the occasional craving to smoke a cigarette inspite of patches and e cig. must addmit the ecig really helps I d be lost without it

HercuValued Contributor in reply to nsd_user663_64532

You are doing Gr8.. Smokeysue...14 days is very good...!!

What a wonderful way to look at it, indeed craving is the cause of all our sufferings

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