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Bye Bye week 1 - no regrets


[*]Well week 1 is officially done and YES! finally behind me. I'm just about 12 hours into week 2 now, and never really thought about how I would feel getting this far, but I have to say it feels pretty darn good and my faith in this journey has sky rocketed to boot. Although I feel good with this quit, I'm still working on some emotional ups and downs. Never quite sure which way it will go, from one minute to the next. Sorta like riding a roller coaster in the dark, can't see the ups and downs or sharp turns coming until they hit, by then you have no choice but ride it out (unless of course ones totally off their rocker and decides to jump off ie: have a smoke)

The last couple days have been a little troublesome, not in the sense I think I might cave in. Its just that horrible emptiness inside me, like a pit inside my stomach that keeps clawing at me demanding attention. No amount of food or drink seems to satisfy it and I certainly know a cigarette won't fix it either. so I spend a lot of time just starring off at nothing really, just trying to make some sense out of it. One of my weaker moments this morning was, I actually tried some ice cream and m&m's for breakfast - just ended up with huge sugar rush with a side of guilt, not sure I would recommend it. Oh well moaning about this ain't doing me any good. Its a beautiful sunny day here, so I think I'll take my Mom out for a bit of shopping, maybe I can exchange some of my blahhs for something useful – like a new pair of shoes?

Happy evening everyone

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Hell week done, you got this quit. :)

New shoes are always great, you so deserve a treat, going into your second week, in my book that's blooming fantastic.

The first week can indeed be so torrid.

I can understand, it's sort of like I'm quitting, what next, well I can say quite openly, what's next is a happier freedom.

Doing great, well done you, be proud

Keep posting

Congratulations Que :) Week one over, I'm so pleased for you.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

You are doing SO well Que - keep positive! That's how I filled up that horrible emptiness - I just poured in self-respect and joy and a massive sense of freedom and nice things, telling myself I really deserved nice things now. Like doritos, and new books, and long baths, and lazy lie-ins, and, yes, SHOES! Did you get some?

not today, but that's ok - there's always tomorrow!!

Congratulations que your doing fantastic xxxx

Hi Que

Really doing well. The empty feeling is horrible but I hope it helps that you're with others who've had this and can say it does ease up. I had this really bad at first and ate all day every day trying to make it go. It does not happen now though only get a rare strange feeling of missing something , well tbh I don't know what the feeling is but its not often and usually if I'm stressed. Congrats to you for being positive and keep treating yourself wherever you can 😃

Well done Que. I know that void feeling and the temptation to fill it with food, sweet for me; I'm not reaching for the carrots or apples at the moment. I know a cigarette won't fill it. I'm now 1 stone heavier than I was when I started this. Oh well. It will have to be for now.

Massive well done, and yes, have had ice cream for breakfast :) enjoy the new shoes, you've earnt a treat for getting week 1 under your belt. :) x

Thanks everyone, today was good but tomorrow will be even better :)

Well done!! Through the worst now.... yes, the void.... I feel butterflies... because deep breathing releases endorphns, what I am trying to do is associate these 'strange' feelings with relaxation in my brain.

So, I take 3 really deep breaths, endorphins flood in, enjoy this feeling in association with the 'strange' feelings.... this tends to build up good associations of relaxation and non-smoking in my brain.... takes practice but seems to work for me....:)

I really like that idea of association. Never really thought about it that way. I'm going to start working on that - because it just makes sense!!

Thanks Celestine.

Your doing great that first horrid week behind you. That empty feeling will pass, think we've all had it. What strange things happen to us when we quit, the emptiness almost like grieving sometimes, weird dreams about smoking. I am sure one day we shall all look back on this time and be so proud of ourselves that whatever this addiction threw at us, we kicked it in the backside and won.

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