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65 day to go

Hi all

Just a fast post because Im just of to work. This is day 300 for me must be honest never thought I would really get this far starting to see the penthouse door now HEHE. My mums passed away 11 years today and I know she would be sooooooooooo very pleased I have stopped smoking she had lung cancer love her. Off out for a meal tonite its also my sisters birthday. So have a good evening my pop on later.xxxxx

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A terrific milestone Linda WD :)

300 days quit is excellent your on the home straight now to the penthouse.


300 days :eek:

3 centuries

42 weeks, and nearly 43..

thats fantastic progress with this quit, i'd be proud to be there.. well done !!!! very nicely done indeed!!!

What a great thought.. and that penthouse indeed is in sight now :)



Well done Linda, three hundred days is great, even sounds good, should go in favourite words. Don't worry, Mum will be pleased and proud of you. David xxx


Hi Quit Buddy :D

Fantastic milestone 300 day done and dusted Your Mum would indeed have been proud of you

Enjoy the Meal for your Sisters Birthday

Love and a Hug

Marg xxxxxxxx



Your Mum would be so proud of you!!

You are an inspiration to all of us.

Fay x


Have a lovely evening hun :) and well done you getting to this massive mile stone.

Im sure your mum would of been mighty proud of you as no doubt your family are.

Penthouse door is now just around the corner :) Well done!!




Hi Linda,

Massive congratulations on the triple century. And only 65 days to the penthouse now! just fabulous, well done you.



Good for you, Linda :D

Congratulations on day 300!

I am postive that your Mum would be delighted with your quit.


Congratulation, Linda! 300 days is just fantastic! Down to double digits to penthouse now! Jody


Sorry I am a day late Linda, but a massive well done to you. I bet your whole family are really proud of you.

Love Jackie xx


I'm late too...... another day closer to the penthouse though ;) Congratulations on 301 days!!! Well done! :)


Linda babes... i am so pleased you have got this far, i know those nico-demons have been really hard for you to fight sometimes and in the past you have lost some battles-BUT hey!!! you are winning the war my friend xxxx

big hug to you xxx:D


YAY!!! fantastic

well done your doing fantastic.



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