No Smoking Day

can i try again

:( i have tried so many times to stop smoking, but allways give up when i put weight on.

anyway i have decided to try again i have about 3 weeks of patches left.

hubby is on short time at work so i cant afford to buy any more.

i have even been on my local free cycle to see if anyone has any spare patches going but got no reply.

any advice or tips i would be very gratefull.

so here goes to day 1

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welcome back!!

youve been here before know all the pitfalls , so now lets get on with the job off quitting :D

you can and will do it this time!!!


The first step is always the hardest. Write down all your reasons and read a lot about the addiction side, there is a lot of information on this forum posted by previous quitters.

The weight gain can be controlled so do not let this put you off quitting. It will happen but you will be able to do something about it as your fitness levels increase. Also remember that smoking is far worse on the skin than an extra stone in weight and who wants to be a skinny wrinkly person??



Of course you can lynttrl, and you will make it this time because it sounds like you really want it :)

Phil is so right about the cost of patches and smokes! and as far as the weight gain I can assure you that past 6 months you will easily lose of most what you have gained, that has happened to me and I didn't even start any diet. Quitting can be such an exciting and awesome adventure, I hope you manage to see it not as deprivation but as the start of a new life in freedom! that way it gets so much easier than expected.


thanks everyone .

i really want to do it this time :D


you can do it this time, i have just started a stop smoking course, my first session is today so havent quit yet , i am preparing to quit thou and very determined,


Good luck. with your new quit. You can do this.



grumpy old bag

By recently joining the gym you will not loose weight for a while.

As you will be toning and building muscle which is heavier than fat.

You may well notice an increase in weight for a while but you might notice your clothes fit better due to the fat that is slowly going away


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