No Smoking Day
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Day 8

Cant believe i made it to day 8.Today has got to be the hardest day ever,i"ve argued with everyone,my kids,my parents,hubby. Im feeling so bloody stressed out and want a fag so much its unreal. In fact its unbelievable that something thats so bloody bad for you can make you feel so crap by not having it if that makes sense. I know tomorrow will be a better day because i keep telling myself,plus it wont be long untill next treat.I went shopping yesterday and treat myself with the money id saved from not buying fags,that was good.Just hope i got friends and family that still want to talk to me when i can cope with this a bit better.

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Well believe it sue YOU DID IT 8 days , congratulations, tomorrow will be a better day .






Over one week is a great milestone. You are now well into week 2 and going strong. Don't let a few short tempered incidents sway you.

You will make it ;)


Well done Sue. Tomorrows a new day and your friends and family will still be proud of you. Keep it up and it will get easier - I Promise.:)


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