Cold Turkey

Well I have been looking at and have now started beating myself up about still being addicted to the highly dangerous even life threatening substance nicotine ( I am on the nicotine gum ) . Seems to be a very harsh reality but informative site . Some of the images are extremely disturbing and enough to put anyone off of smoking for life . So in reality ( without attacking anyone ) users of any NRT are still putting themselves at major risk of heart problems , possible mental health issues and at least artery and blood vessel damage . Hard as it may be I have decided to go for the nicotine free approach from today . I am in my seventh day so time to head into the next week completely nicotine free . I sense it will be a hard task .

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  • John will be along soon to be your new bessie mate ;)

    he does CT :)

  • John does CT :)

    Does he?

    How did you know that?;)

  • Thankyou

    Thankyou for the great support here . It really does help . One thing for sure if it gets too much for me I definately wont go for a cig . It would be a piece of gum . But im going to try to get through the 72 hours that whyquit suggest . Its actually very surprising how much damage the NRT can do . Absolutely shocking .

  • Does he?

    How did you know that?;)

    he confides in me, so there!!

  • Hi John

    Thanks for the advice mate : ) I have tricked my mind by going to the shop and buying ordinary chewing gum : ) . The really strong menthol and eucalyptus . On the way to the shop had a lovely smell of someones burnt toast and a young ladys perfume . That was better than my cats litter tray lol . Its got to be worth a try . I wont smoke but if things do get too much I will pop a nicorette in lol .

  • NRT ( For Now ) lol

    Even though I feel bad about it I have to say that I really really struggled for four hours after no gum went from

    12 pm to 4pm . To the point of becoming agitated and even angry . So I decided that the NRT has got to better than the smoking and ingested another piece of 4mg gum : ) Feel much better now lol :)

    I have been quit for 6 Days, 6 hours, 8 minutes and 57 seconds (6 days). I have saved £60.67 by not smoking 250 cigarettes. I have saved 20 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 18/06/2008 10:15

  • you do what works the best for you, dont make it harder for yourself :)

    your doing great ;)

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