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Hard day 6 for me

I have had a hard day today was ok until a had to take my son to a party today and stay for 2 hours with 30 kids normally would nip out for a fag then when that time came i went for a walk around the block but the craving not gone all day and it seems to be getting harder feel close to breaking point just now so away for a power walk see if that helps still not had one :(

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Trust me, it gets better. Breathe through it and tell yourself it will pass and it does.

You can do it ;)


Power walking, or any exercise, will be a great idea for a few different reasons:

[*]We should all exercise,

[*]you'll already be feeling your body healing and the power walk will make that obvious to you,

[*]a diversion to thinking about 'orrible stinky cigs.

Keep focussed on quitting, get busy and come on-line to rant if need be. It does get easier and when looking back it will be so worth it.

Keep on keeping on :cool:


Hi Jay

Hope your feeling a little better after your walk maybe have an early night. Its one full week 2morrow Things will look better then plese dont give in wait and see how you feel tomorrow. Dont forget let us know how you are Love Linda xxx


Thanks for the support

when i was doing the first post my partner was trying to talk to me but i tried to tell hur the way i was i just had to zone out on something keeping myself busy and be on my own but she keep it going could feel the angry building up so that when i went for the walk still a bit angry and wide awake


Hi Jay. your doing so good you should be feeling very proud,

it will get easier as time passes.:)


great stuff

You can do it it does get easier, it feels great to get the first week over


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