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120 hrs Day 6 is upon me

Evening all, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying being smoke free and officially a non smoker.

Its been a funny day today, awoke and all I could think and feel was want a ciggy. It lasted for around a good hour. Got into work and the rest of the day has been fine. Hardly ever thought about it.

Another great one a guy came up to me late this afternoon and asked if he could borrow a ciggy. I was so chuffed to say sorry mate I have given up and now a non smoker. He goes thought I hadnt seen you out for a while. Gave me his congratulations and on he went.

So here I am just creeping into day 6. Wierd thinking that being 6.30 at night. But I am counting that I gave up on Friday at 18:25pm, so 120hrs hit and rolling into day 6.

Its defo getting easier, but the devil weed is always around the corner and pops up suddenly. Very aware of it, but I know I am not going to feed it so it can bugger off.

Keep up the good work everyone. Its great to read everyones posts and updates. We are all getting there.

Have a good one,


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Hi Andy :D

Well done day 6 is great

I know what you mean about being chuffed when a mate asked to borrow a ciggie and you could say sorry I don't smoke any more

It's a great feeling isn't it


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Six is great - well done Andy!

I'd love to have seen your face when you told that guy you didn't smoke! I bet you had quite a chuffed-smug look! Can't wait for someone to say something to me! :D

Soon be Day 7 - and that's a whole week! :eek:

Hope you are intending to celebrate!


well done Andy

I am on day 4 of being a non smoker but finding some of the cravings really difficult


Yep I was chuffed to bits to say no longer smoke, must have had a cheesey grin and look of get me and my no smoking ways.

Stick with it everyone, for me I focus on the positive aspects of my quitting experience. It pulls me through everytime I sit there and my body starts to tell me I now want a fag and my mind drifts into wanting one. I pull myself back in control and focus on how far I have come and the journey I have travelled to reach 6 days and smoke free. I have lived my life over those 6 days and like any normal week have achieved my goals in work and out of work all without having a ciggy. It cements in my mind that its all an illusion we paint in our minds that these ciggies are some form of life crutch that will see us through. In fact it does nothing for you. It never has and never will. Its easy to be clouded by beliefs we all have deeply ingrained in our heads that we have over the minutes, weeks, months, years of smoking tell ourselves it relieves stress, it makes us happy. We are all kidding ourselves. Lets all take control and re-program our minds that we do not need it and it does nothing for us except kill us slowly.

Andys thought for the day :)


Hi Andy :D

That's a great post you have there and yes it is all about getting the mind set right

Once that is done it becomes much easier to cope with


Marg xxxxxxx


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