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Woo Hoo

Well, my first week is now over, I miss smoking, I feel like a part of my life is missing, I still remember the days.. however, and I am not getting my hopes up as this is still early days but.... I feel great, I feel like I can't fail, tis a great feeling!

I quit cold turkey and I really do have to recommend it, as they say, it was 72 hours of hard graft, (quit 11.24 Thursday) and struggled until Monday, then after that it`s been a hell of a lot easier, I am also not eating as much as I was over the weekend! I thought I would never stop eating at one point.

Although I suppose my main test will be this Saturday night when I'll be going to a birthday party with booze, laughter, and many smokers invited, this is going to be tough, I'll be prepared though, I'd be a fool not to be.

Thanks for all your support. I'll let you know how I get on!

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Congratulations and welcome to week two - get yourself a quitmeter - it's amazing how the days add up




I agree with both Fatboy & CW, keep strong............good decision Dale.


Hi Dale

Well done on your week two worse week over and done. Have a fab time sat and you will feel soooooooooo proud on sunday when you wake and your still a non smoker. Linda xxxxxxx


Hi Dale

What they all said ^


Welcome to the forum


good luck Dale, your doing so good.:)


well done

well done!! Dale, keep it up mate, you'll get stronger the quit time passes by.


Hi Dale,

Well done on completing your first week.

I hear you re 'mourning' the fags. I kinda mourn them still sometimes, not all the time though, just occasionally. Its important to know though that this feeling is perfectly normal and most people experience it, you just have to push it to the side and remind yourself that you are now a non smoker and do not do such disgusting things anymore like inhaling all that poisonous smoke into your lungs 'to feel better'! Those days are gone.

Great job! :)


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