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Hi all ,

Hope you are all doing well , well im on my lobelia course day 6 i think lol ,

quit day is day 10 ( i know about time) so far tablets are doing well i am down to 5 a day , cant smoke more than half at a time..........went out on sunday didnt smoke all day and didnt get any cravings , so why i stil smoking lol think i have to remind my self these herbs wont deal with the psycological bit! but looking froward to day 10............soon may it arrive ,

Had no side effects at all which is great , am taking 60mg 3 times a day , supposed to work similar to champix hence the day 10 quit (is lobelia in champix also)

Also taking 300mg st johns wort 3 times a day ..............just to deal with any depression that may come with they say smoking can mask think im prepared ............

Just want to say after reading on the board everyone of us is different and different things work for different people and it doesnt matter how you quit all that matters is you DID! So good on all you guys:D

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Hi Casey :)

Soooooo glad things are going ok for you so far. I'm sure by the time your quit day comes you'll be raring to go! Hell, you seem raring to go already!

Maybe the Lobelia will catch on with other quitters? Do you have any side affects from using it?


Hi Casey,

Dont know much about Lobelia, have heard the link with Champix though.

Maybe in its pure form there will be less side efects, lets hope so.

The fact that your looking forward to quitting on day 10 is very positive thinking.

Good luck and please let us know how your getting on.


hi casey.

you found something that work for you. well done. you will do it....



Well done Cassey, keep up the good work

Never heard of Lobelia though.


Hi all ,

Maddy no side effects as of yet , however i am taking st johns wort too in order to conteract any mood changes.

Lobelia is a herb , which acts like nicotine and plugs nictotine receptors like have a ciggie does , it is also known as indian tobacco........

as for links i can give you the following,

Know About Lobelia Inflata

. Lobelia is, ironically enough, North American Indian tobacco. The plant itself is called Lobelia while the extract is named Lobelia Inflata.

Lobelia Is A Respiratory Stimulant

Lobelia Inflata's primary purpose was to treat bronchial asthma and bronchitis. Today, it is used in Nicocure Pills because Lobelia is known to improve damage to the respiratory tract while concurrently expectorating the lungs quickly of mucous buildup.

Lobelia Is A Smoking Deterrent

There is another clear added benefit to Lobelia. Not only does Lobelia clean your lungs but it makes you not want to smoke. How? Lobelia also affects your taste buds in that cigarettes begin to taste more and more unpleasant. Thus, your desire to smoke is adversely affected.

Lobelia Is A Respiratory Relaxant

We all know that smokers attempting to quit get jittery and anxious. Withdrawal anxiety can ruin your day. Fingers move as if they’re tapping drums, heads twitch, legs can’t stay still, etc. Well, Lobelia combats that, as well. It is a relaxant and helps to promotes calmness and tranquility.

Lobelia Inflata Ingredients

Lobelia Inflata contains Lobeline and Isolobelanine, the former a respiratory stimulant and the latter a respiratory relaxant. The combined action of stimulation and relaxation is truly an interesting holistic approach to smoking cessation and physiologic recovery.

Lobeline – powerful respiratory stimulant, equalizes circulation.

It is used like i said in champix and the americans use it in nicocure etc......

I have read it can have a toxic effect on some people , so i started with one 60mg a day and slowly crept up to the recommended 3 a day .......

It is also referred to as pukeweed , because years ago when people got food poisioning etc taken in excess it makes the body vomit ............though this is in a very high dose......

some places sell it at 340mg per tablet and personally i think this is way too much so if anyone is considering it i would buy it in a lowered form around the 40mg-60mg .



no not heard of this one , bit difficult to research on web too as in different language .lol


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