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No Smoking Day
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Day Five !!

Well I am on day five and I am so proud to say that ,

since the first time I came here on Sunday, you know that day when I was going off my rocker a bit, with that war raging in my head, screaming for help.

I actually have been doing and feeling ok, I am still a little scared at tempting fate by saying that !

I am not symptom free, but it really does not feel too bad,Shhh,still getting the association triggers, but I find I can deal with them by doing a few deep breathing excercises. I have been feeling a slighty spaced out at times, a touch forgetful , oh and apparently I have PNT (post nicotine tension) according to my other half :rolleyes:

A big step for me was , visiting my 74 year old chain smoking mother.

Bless her she only offered me two. I was a bit apprehensive about how I would handle my visit , but it was good , I did not feel the need or desire to smoke, although I have to admit to eating two chocolate biscuits.

I am still reading Alan Carr , I also listen to a hypnosis cd by Susan Hepburn, it came with a book called stop smoking in one hour, she seems to have very similar thinking to Alan Carr.

I visit www. whyquit too.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the more you educate your mind about what nicotine is and how it affects your thinking , the easier it is to give away.

For a while now, I have been reading about and practising meditation, not too good at it :o, but it seems to help me to be calmer and more grounded person.

Power to your Mind :D

Anyway enough of my prattle :eek:

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Well done Suze! :)

Sounds to be like you have your head in the right place for sure.:)

Only 2 chocolate biscuits? :rolleyes: I can eat a whole packet! :o


Oooh you little piggy Barbara. I still remember those ones you polished off before to 'hide the evidence' LOL

Well done Suze. Stopping smoking doesn't have to be hard. We've just got to retrain our brains to not see smoking as a 'way of life' anymore. Smoking was so integrated into our lives it can be a little while before we stop associating certain situations with cigarettes. But this can be easy.

You're nearly a week gone woo hoo! Well done :D


Oooh you little piggy Barbara. I still remember those ones you polished off before to 'hide the evidence' LOL

shhhhh don't remind me! :eek: I'm being strict with myself and eating loads of fruit.... I'm fine as long as there aren't any sweets, biscuits, cakes (*mmmmmm, creeeeeeam cakes*) oops sorry about that (*shakes head to stop eyes rolling and wipes drool from chin*) in the house then I don't "crave" them, but once a packet is opened, well, that's a different story :p


Well done Suze. Every day gets better. Keep reading and keep the quit. Bill S


Wow good post Suze, it should be circulated to all quitters in the first few days, it would help show many that there really is nothing to fear. You've hit the nail on the head there, several times!

Well done indeed.


Day 7 - Today was hard !!

Sigh, I feel like a bit of a fraud today , how can you go from feeling like you had cracked it to schitzo over night :o

Still trying to stay positive, today has been a little bit of a smack in the mouth though.:eek:

Them ole nicotine tinged thoughts just kept trying to creep back in , maybe I am just a bit tired, dunno, just want it to go away.

Been reading Alan Carrs book like a bible today .

Early night nights for me I think :D


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