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No Smoking Day
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Made it to day five

Feeling really proud of myself, went out last night (have to confess I didnt have a drink !!), was around loads of ppl smoking.. and i didnt even bother...

Feeling confident, but very very tired. I managed about 3 hours sleep last night (again) !!!! My skin is blotchy and I have been eating rubbish like its going out of fashion. Also my throat is really dry and sore !!!

Dont care as long as Im not smoking, i will take all the badd ass side effects...

Hopeful how you doing hun ?




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Sorry to hear about you blotchy skin and dry throat!! I had all these symptoms to :( Only just getting over the dry skin on my face!! BUT, like you said, it beats the hell out of smoking!! Nothing a little cream and a lozenge won't help ;)

Well done on your day 5... and getting over a trigger last night when you went out!! massive achievement ;)


Hi E B T Girl :D

WOW nearly a week great work so sorry you have a few aggravations but as you say it will really be worth it


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Sooooooooo Sorry your not feeling your best Im sure you will start to feel better soon. Well done you on last night and day 5. Your doing fab hun. almost worsed week over.xxxxxxxxxx


Hi EBT girl,

Well done on reaching day 5,knew you would do it.

Great that you went out and stayed strong.

All the horrible little side effects will go soon,persevere it's definitely worth it.


Well done big hug X


I'm so proud of you. All the nasty stuff like tiredness and yuckie skin will soon be gone and we'll NEVER have to go through all this again. We can do it I KNOW WE CAN!!!!!!!!

stay strong

Nico :eek: Demons love nicotine, it is their food. Nico Demons HATE oxygen, it is their enemy!!!!!!!!! I love Toblerone, it is my friend x


Really, really proud of you! You keep it up..... you are doing so well!!!


well done ebt girl, night out around smokers and you did it!!!!

You will soon start to feel the benefits and will be looking your best (we all look better without a fag in our mouths)

keep positive and smiling you can do it!:)



How you doing EBTG

Day 6 today almost hell week over. CONGRATS.xxxxx


Well done EBT girl,

That was a true test going out last night. I am on Day 5 today and doing well, not sleeping great though. Almost 1 week!


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