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day 3

ok, i quit smoking first on march the 1st, am receiving bereavement counselling at the moment for my father and my late partner, my father passed away 8 years ago this year from lung cancer and my late partner passed away from heart disease 4 years ago next month, i lasted 6 weeks smokefree until my anxiety got the better of me and the physical withdrawals got too much, plus i didn't actually realise that the ball had started rolling so to speak in counselling, anyway my doctor reassured me that all the pains in my back, iratable bowel syndrome and aches and pains in my legs were all normal for someone quitting smoking, and questioned whether i was ready to quit, after this i saw it as permission to smoke again, i had one here and there and even ended up buying a pack, i finally quit again 3 days ago, i'd only had the odd puff here and there for the past 2 week but managed definitely to quit on the 18th of may 2008, am now nearly 4 days into being smoke free and am having really bad pains up my legs and have started with the pains in my back again, i hope all this is normal, plus am getting headaches, and my gums are really pale, i really don't want smoke ever again but i just want to feel a bit normal again. i'd really like to think my late partner and my father are watching over me and are proud. my doctor keeps saying that i'm not at the age that he's concerned about cancer, hope he's right! am 33 and want to see my grandkids

an over anxious 33 year old ex puffer for 3 whole days

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Rusty, Hi & Welcome,

Sorry to hear of your recent loses it does sound as though you life has been devastated by smoking, I cannot imagine what you have been going through but feel that you have made the right decision by quitting smoking, far be it from me to comment but I feel you doctor was maybe a little irresponsible by saying they were not over concerned re your age and cancer. I can tell you I am sad to say cancer cannot detect age.

Re the pains, when I first quit I has some pretty scary pains in my chest, I have for a few years now had pains in my legs BUT since stopping these have certainly become fewer.

Good Luck. You are doing brilliant 4 days already.

By the way are you using any NRT or are you going CT?


hi and thanks for the support, i am using nrt, the inhalator, finding it really useful, am trying to cut down on them now so am using normal chewing gum aswell, i went cold turkey from alcohol, which when i look back was like a walk in the park compared to this. Am going stay smoke free though, my daughter was really upset the other week about me smoking, hopefully i'll get the support here in order to not smoke.


Hi Rusty and welcome :)

Congratulations on your decision to quit. I cannot comment on the health aspect. I myself didn't notice any aches and pains (well, no more than normal lol!)

All I know is you are now doing the best possible thing for your body. Stick in there and stay with us. The support on this forum has certainly helped me stay quit :)

Please do follow the links, not only the ones posted in my signature, but the ones you will find all over the forum. I have found reading on these websites a great help in understanding the whole smoking "thing"

I have been quit for 3 Months, 4 Days, 9 hours, 16 minutes and 17 seconds (94 days). I have saved £471.92 by not smoking 1,887 cigarettes. I have saved 6 Days, 13 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 17/02/2008 22:00


How are you today, Rusty?


hi barbara, day four nearly over, trying to stay positive, actually quit two week ago again but had a drag off a mate last thursday and lit one up for a mate on sunday 18th at 9 o clock, last one, didn't even enjoy the taste, which is i suppose good! having headaches today, am drinking plenty of water and eating fruit and veg, 5 of each a day, nurse has informed tomatoes are really good for you, am also putting cranberries on my cereal each morning, have been eating healthy since i first quit, march 1st, am not going off that date as i had a few blips am going back to the beginning, MAY18th, official quit date, am i glad to have found this site, most of my friends are smokers so am relieved to have found a community of non-ex smokers, going to bingo tonight, haven't been for a while, am going on my own as i need to find my confidence again!!! and this way i won't have to share my winnings, if all goes ok i'll be rushing off to the dentist tomorrow, if all fails then i'll be saving up still by staying smoke-free!!!! :cool:


hiya, you seem to be doing all the right things, and staying positive! well done.

good luck at the bingo :)


hi jude, my mum says look at my glass as half full and not half empty am just realising what she means, she says i'm ok and the physical withdrawals will subside soon am just glad to have found this site :cool:


going to bingo tonight, am going on my own as his way i won't have to share my winnings, :cool:

I like your style, Rusty! :D Good luck! :D

I have been quit for 3 Months, 4 Days, 22 hours, 45 minutes and 42 seconds (94 days). I have saved £474.73 by not smoking 1,898 cigarettes. I have saved 6 Days, 14 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 17/02/2008 22:00


Day 5


went bigo last night and came away with no winnings and a little bit of self-confidence from going all on my self and preparing myself to shout!!

Am relieved to be in day 5, am concerned about my health, feel ok, my skins changed, been changing since i quit the first time, dark circles are disappearing from under the eyes now. coughing up a little mucus with a little brown in, nothing that shouldn't come up, but am still concerned. Just hope i've quit in time, has anyone felt the same, a bit over worried!!!


shame you didnt win owt, next time, eh...

dont be concerned, your body is getting rid of the crap youve put in it!!!

but of course if it bothers you, you must go to your gp.

well done


Shame about the bingo, but well done getting out there on your own.:)

I'm sure you're health is fine, but as Jude says, if you get really worried, go see the doc.

But hey, how'd you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes so quickly? ??? (*checks mirror - yip, mine still there!;)*)


haha, read up on dark circles and found out that kiwi fruits are really good, ave been having one a day for about 2 month, very high in vitamin k, water is helping too.

I'm now halfway into day 5, found myself gasping for 1 at lunchtime was on my way to a meeting and just found myself crying, not sure whether it was due to my counselling or the fact that i was missing the usual fag cus felt under pressure, anyway, didn't smoke and just cried it out and feel good now! i suffer with really bad anxiety and depression, which i'm having all sorts of help with and the symtoms from giving up are not nice as you know, but my anxiety gets outta control and i end up panicking, wondering if i'm going be ok, its a vicious circle i get in, going try meditation tomorrow, haven't done it for a while now, and think it will help me along the new nicotine free path. apologies if i seem over anxious on here, am sure i'll be fine in a few days, when i've conquered a week!!!!


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