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I decided to have a go at coming off the nrt today. Problem is I started feeling totally spaced out. That could be a monday thing, but I gave in and had a lozenge and now I'm feeling much better.

I'm a computer programmer, and if I'm not going to make a right mess of what I'm doing, I need my brain to function normally! (no sarky comments please)

Is this confused, spaced out feeling, normal? If it is, is there anything that will help? If it is normal, I'll probably have to leave the nrt withdrawl till the weekend when I can get away with not thinking straight. But then again, I'm worried that if I leave it till a weekend I'll start getting cranky with my little boy!

I could do with some much needed advice on nrt withdrawl please.....

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(no sarky comments please)


sorry dave never really used them but i know lots on here have and there are many posts maybe if you do a search whilst waiting for someone to reply would help. Check out mojo- jojo hes been havin same probs i think. So long as you dont have a ciggie just go with whats right for you!


austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free


coming off nicotine doesn't make you cranky, coming off the fags does... it's a long story..

I had about 2 weeks that were quite bizarre when i stopped. I had seriously disturbed sleeping patterns, bolt upright wide awake at 3 in the morning and well weird dreams too. I was a CT quitter btw.

My body felt like it was being driven by someone else, an almost permanent feeling of intoxication and light-headedness.

I would respectfully suggest that you may not get over all these symptoms (assuming you get them) in a weekend so some of your time spent with your boy or at work is going to be spent in a state of euphoria.. :D

You may be better off just taking the bull by the horns, who knows what interesting computer code you may come up with..? ;)

some of your time spent with your boy or at work is going to be spent in a state of euphoria.. :D

Update: Yesterday, I gave in and had 1 4mg lozenge and just before bed I had a 2mg one. Pretty good I thought, and I felt ok.

Today though, wooah........ I haven't had any nicotine yet, and I'm seriously trying not to. I don't feel rough or anything (yet), but I feel REALLY trippy!!! It's actually a quite pleasant feeling lol :cool:

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