No Smoking Day


I'm still finding triggers for smoking!

I'm really angry at the minute cos my ex is bein an arse and I'm worried about my little boy, and the first thing that came into my head was 'I need a fag'!

I'm not gonna though cos then that would make me even more angry, and then I'd have another, then get angrier still, etc, etc, etc, until I'll probably explode.

Or, I could have one, then get angry, then do something really bad to my stupid ex, then plead temporary insanity caused by desire to stop smoking. Hmmmm, that might work.....

*grins insanely*


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Hi Dave - don't do it, whatever the problem is it won't be solved by having a fag. I assume your ex lives nearby and you can see your little boy, or is she being awkward.

Now that you have had your rant and rave do you feel any better. I do hope so.

lol Jan


Hey Jan,

aye I feel better now thanks lol.

I aint gonna have a fag, don't worry. Just wonderinginf if I could use it as an excuse to get away with murder is all.......


Be strong and remember tip No.37

37.No Legitimate Excuse for Relapse - Recognize that smoking nicotine cannot solve any crisis. Fully accept the fact that there is absolutely no legitimate excuse for relapse, including an auto accident, financial crisis, the end of a relationship, job loss, a terrorist attack, a hurricane, the birth of a baby, or the eventual inevitable death of those we love most. Picture yourself not smoking through each and every step needed to overcome the most difficult challenge your mind can possibly imagine.

In the early days yes, you have to dig deep to maintain that quit but unfortunately once you've managed a week you can do a fortnight, A fortnight a month, a month 6 months, a year etc.

We all stumble across old triggers now and again but just laugh in the face of smoke and drop ice-cubes down the vest of nicotine.... ;)


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