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im still with you barb,

HI Barb.

sorry for not being on. still got a bit of pain after having tooth out. so how

are you doing with your Quit. im still going strong . some days i think of fags.

but thats as far as it go, finding it easyer now. i been with family & friends

who smoke. and im ok with it now:) what about you. are you still doing it

with no patches... hope everyone who are giving-up on here are still going

well. let me know how you are all doing. be back on later tonight..

take care all


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thanks lain.

will try it. really good your still doing well with your Quit mate. its not

alway easy keeping our mind off smoking. not when we been doing it for so

many years. well done mate.



Hi Alan

Doing really well this week. Have decided to cut out the red wine on an evening as well as thats when I get the munchies and someone asked me last week if I was expecting!!! sob sob, i mustn't try and think about extra weight gain too much as that was one of the reasons why i went back to the dreaded weed in my quits before.

Have just bought a dance workout dvd so will be doing that soon. I know we all put on a few extra pounds when we quit but does it worry men as much as women, I wonder???

Alan, do you care to give me your view??

I hope your tooth is not too painful, I too have tried cloves and they do work but don't get them on your tongue, as pain is not the word I would describe!!!!

Off to cook tea, be back on here later.....


Hi Alan,

Careful with the oil of cloves; It works a treat if you just dab a bit on your gum/tooth margin, BUT if you do it for too many days you'll end up with an excoriated gum, which is very sore and takes days to heal!:(

Good on you staying quit through it all!



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