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I am in week 3

Hi all I am checking in again im now on day 16 :), I never thought I would get this far and I am feeling very proud of myself but has anyone noticed that others around you tend to forget what you have achieved?

I still get the odd craving and I am still on the lozenges which have helped.

I have manged to get through the crisis of my dad being rushed to hospital, and yesterday I sat in a car with 2 smokers and them smoking didnt effect me :)

Glad to see that there are still some names about that I saw at the start of my quit, Well done!!!!!

Well best dash

Belinda x x x

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Well done Belinda!

I know what you mean about people "forgetting" what we're going through.

As time goes by I'd get the occasional "I'm really proud of you" comments. So they haven't forgotten - they just don't mention it daily like they did the first few days.

Keep doing as well as you are and you will find I'm right!!!;)


Well done Belinda

My God the time has gone soooooooo fast your doing great. Linda xxxx


hi Belinda...

brill that you were able to survive your crisis - can't have been easy:( Not sure I'd have done so well!! Especially not being in a car with other smokers:eek:

agree to bout people not appreciating just what an achievement it is to have quit the smokes!!! On the other hand, I know on past attempts to quit, it used to drive me insane people asking me every five minutes "have you had a cigarette yet?" Guess they can't win really:confused:

good luck, stay strong...



Great going Belinda, keep it up!



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