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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 and I am still staying strong

Major cravings this morning really not looking forward to my first day back at work, leaving my purse and taking no money so I can't go and buy any at lunch time will ride this horrible feeling out determined now it won't get the better of me

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hope your day goes well and smoke free :) just remember to drink a glass of water when you get a craving and keep mind and hands busy as it will pass


Well done Nikki

I am the same, the rain and wind getting to the office didnt help either...grrrrr...although the I can tell the difference with strength of the coffee which is great!

Hope day gets better


How did your day go Ben? I did OK well bit someones head after the third time of them asking if I was coming out for a fag was so annoyed lol so swore a few times and I think they got the message :rolleyes: then felt guilty but I did stay strong and looking forward to tomorrow.:D


was ok thanks Nikki, was shattered though after no sleep and body clock being completely out of work mode due to the holidays.

Well done today. Had a bit of a sore head for about an hour in work then calmed down which was great. Busier day tomorrow with more interaction so hopefully i wont be too snappy.

Nice chilled evening I think.

Well done again :)


Well done to you too I was laughing when I had my coffee earlier had the same experince as you lol I don't like nescafe as it was way too strong now only gold blend for me your doing great keep up the great work :D


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