Going into day two

Hi all May Day quitters,

Don't know what to do for the best when it comes to patches. I remember from previous quit attempts that if you use the higher dose of patch your required to leave it on 24hrs, thus giving you with an absolutely terrible night sleep:mad:

The alternative is to whip the thing off before going to bed and wake up ready to eat a pack of 20! :eek:

Taken my patch off now, so hopefully I will be able to sleep through.

Anyone else had/having this problem?

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  • Hi Evey hope you managed some sleep. i am not to sure on patches, very long time since i tried them. Please stick with us. come on Evey you can do it.

  • Hi Evey, you are doing so good, we are all with you.

    May Day Quitters Team, we are all so proud of you. xx

  • Hey Evey

    You stick in there. We are all behind you, Keep up the good work. It will be worth it in the long run.

  • Hang on in there Evey,

    it will get better & easier as time goes on... And the clocks will start to move on as normal rather than at snails pace as it does during the first few days!!??!!:confused:

    Well done to you and all the May Day Quitters...you'll be catching the rest of us up soon...:D


  • How are you doing Evey? Are you feeling any better? Sleeping better?

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