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Going into day two

Hi all May Day quitters,

Don't know what to do for the best when it comes to patches. I remember from previous quit attempts that if you use the higher dose of patch your required to leave it on 24hrs, thus giving you with an absolutely terrible night sleep:mad:

The alternative is to whip the thing off before going to bed and wake up ready to eat a pack of 20! :eek:

Taken my patch off now, so hopefully I will be able to sleep through.

Anyone else had/having this problem?

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Hi Evey hope you managed some sleep. i am not to sure on patches, very long time since i tried them. Please stick with us. come on Evey you can do it.


Hi Evey, you are doing so good, we are all with you.

May Day Quitters Team, we are all so proud of you. xx


Hey Evey

You stick in there. We are all behind you, Keep up the good work. It will be worth it in the long run.


Hang on in there Evey,

it will get better & easier as time goes on... And the clocks will start to move on as normal rather than at snails pace as it does during the first few days!!??!!:confused:

Well done to you and all the May Day'll be catching the rest of us up soon...:D



How are you doing Evey? Are you feeling any better? Sleeping better?


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