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No Smoking Day
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Pit stop

Well I guess I'm here for a week before I move on up to the Month 2 room!

Feeling like I want a cig today :( Today is not a good day. Can't go into the reasons but lets just say it is a testing time and it is killing me emotionally.

But guess what? I'm not gonna smoke. It'd be stupid to smoke. Although I have to say, I do feel like it. Just for the hell of it.

Just gonna keep busy. I have that trip to go on later on which I really can't be arsed with but kids want to go so it has to be done I guess.

Hope everyone is feeling a bit more chipper than me today!

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Hi Maddy

Sooooooo Sorry your feeling low today but things will improve. My son who has drink prob has been dry for three whole months yesterday. But on wed had such a bad day went to the shop and got a small bottle voddy thank God something stopped him and he poured it down the drain. My point being he said he feels much better yesterday and today so ride it out Babe. love Linda xxxx


Oh my friggin god. Just typed out a post and its disappeared :mad: I so can't be doing with this shit today. I really, really can't. Ok, gonna try and type it all out again...*sigh*

Thanks for your well wishes everyone. I do appreciate them.

I'm not going to have a cigarette. I'm not gonna let old nic fool me this time that I need him. Although, I do feel like smoking just for the hell of it. It seems so easy to do right now. I won't though. I would be so disappointed in myself if I was to do that. However, I refuse to fight any battles inside my head. If I ever got really bad again I'd just smoke. I'm feeling uncomfortable right now with ciggies, thats all. I know having a cig won't solve anything. If only I could just shake the feeling that at least it would calm me a lil bit...thing is, they do though don't they? I know, as Carr says, I only feel better because I have filled the pathway that I created. My own doing. I sure hope I can shake these negative feelings. I will. I will. Maybe not today as the emotional ride I seem to be on is caused by something awful but hopefully I will cope a bit better soon with the fag issue. You know what? I will. I will make damn sure I will. I'm free. I am no longer chained to nicotine. I am clean of it!! Positive thinking maddy...positive thinking...

Ok, well, I have to go pack. I like to leave things to the last minute for some reason :confused:

Thanks again.



nice to hear your fighting fit you knock old nic right where it hurts. have a fab time with the little ones and let us know all about it on your return. linda xxxx


Hi Maddy, sorry you are having a bad day:(

Just think though, we all used to have pissy days even where we were smoking right? So just think of it as one of those days ok?

When a smoker is having a pissy day, does having another fag make it any better - HELL NO!!!!!:eek:

Stay strong girl, you will be smiling by bedtime (Mystic Meg told me ;))


Cheers Linda/Barbara

Gonna be heading out soon so thanks again for your good wishes. At least when I'm out in the evenings I won't be popping out of the club every five mins just to smoke a nasty fag urrghh I'll just laugh at all the others haha

Have a nice weekend all :)


Hi all

Back from the trip and feeling good for not smoking. It was a tough weekend. Not as in tough 'not smoking', but as in a very testing time for anyone...smoker or non smoker. Then, last night (our last night at the holiday site) my mum fractured her wrist pretty bad at stupid 'o' clock at night!!! Darn, it must've been around midnight gone...:eek: So, I had that to deal with and 3 hungry kids and I managed it all without even wanting a fag! How cool is that?

Even when I was in the club at night it wasn't too bad. Yeah sure I had a few pangs but nothing too bad. It was nice not having to go outside just to shove a cancer stick in my gob! Upon leaving the club each night, I would see people loitering outside smoking their cancer sticks and I felt good that I wasn't one of them.

Hope everyone else is doing good too :)


Hi Maddi

Sorry to hear about your stressful weekend, hope your mum will be okay, did she slip on something?

Well if you can survive all that going ons without puffing, you are well on your way to being a non smoker.

The weekends are definately a tiny wee bit of a struggle for me more so than the weeks but they are just thoughts now rather than cravings and I wouldn;'t actually smoke one if someone paid me but for some strange reason, I still think of them!!!!! I actually think this is normal as talking to a woman yesterday who has given up for 5 years, said the same thing!!!

Take care chick


Sooooooooo sori got your name wrong, slapped wrist, have a terrible memory these days.... lol



It was a stressful weekend and it is great that I never wanted a fag bad enough to actually go and buy some! Mostly, it was just 'thoughts' of cigs as Della said.

The night my mum fractured her wrist sure was a tough time. I had to act on the spur of the moment in difficult circumstances and not once did I even think of cigarettes. Normally I'd have been puffing away on one within seconds! However, half hour had elapsed before my mind 'thought' about a cigarette. I say 'thought'...I don't know if it was a bit more than that...who knows.

As for me mum! She has go back to hospital tomorrow to have her forearm numbed while the Drs manipulate her bones back into place :eek: I think she was given gas and air last night at the other hospital so that the needle too numb her arm properly didn't hurt to bad...it has to penetrate the bone I think...not sure, I can't remember, but OUCH!!!


Poor Maddy, my Mum was in hozzy at Christmas - very stressful!

Good Girl for stayng off them, remember i too had a rocky patch at 3 weeks (or therebouts)

You can do this girlie! Come back soon, we miss you :)


Hey maddy

Ur doin great, this time u wanted to stop for u and thats what is making the difference, massive well done. Doesnt it feel great when u realise u have dealt with a stressy situation without even thinkin of a ciggie. It just gets better from here on in. ;)



You rock, Maddie!

Go Girl!!!!!


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