Started smoking again

Don't panic - it's not me. One of my workmates stopped a month before me on Champix. Recently, I had thought she was sneaking off for a fly puff but didn't want to believe it.

Anyways, I had a run-in with another colleague this morning, and got myself into such a tizzy that I had to go outside and take some deep breaths. My other workmate was there puffing away and looking rather embarrassed at being "caught". She assures me it's only a blip, and is starting the Champix again but we'll see.

Anyway, my point is, I went outside cos I was upset, and she was out there smoking. Now any other time I've stopped that would have been a prime example of how to start again ie upset= cigarette "to make it all better"

NOT THIS TIME YAHOO!!!!!! :D I had no notion of a cigarette at all. I really think I've cracked it :D Yahoo!!!! :D

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  • Phew.. I was about to slap you round the face 100 times with a wet rotten kipper!! You escaped that nicely! :D

  • Well done Barbara for resisting the temptation:D. Shame about your workmate though.:( Let's hope it is a blip and she starts back on the Champix again but you don't sound too sure she will.

  • well done

    Well done sorry to here about your upset it showes how strong you realy are do not to smoke :)Jimbo

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