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Started smoking again

Don't panic - it's not me. One of my workmates stopped a month before me on Champix. Recently, I had thought she was sneaking off for a fly puff but didn't want to believe it.

Anyways, I had a run-in with another colleague this morning, and got myself into such a tizzy that I had to go outside and take some deep breaths. My other workmate was there puffing away and looking rather embarrassed at being "caught". She assures me it's only a blip, and is starting the Champix again but we'll see.

Anyway, my point is, I went outside cos I was upset, and she was out there smoking. Now any other time I've stopped that would have been a prime example of how to start again ie upset= cigarette "to make it all better"

NOT THIS TIME YAHOO!!!!!! :D I had no notion of a cigarette at all. I really think I've cracked it :D Yahoo!!!! :D

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Phew.. I was about to slap you round the face 100 times with a wet rotten kipper!! You escaped that nicely! :D


Well done Barbara for resisting the temptation:D. Shame about your workmate though.:( Let's hope it is a blip and she starts back on the Champix again but you don't sound too sure she will.


well done

Well done sorry to here about your upset it showes how strong you realy are do not to smoke :)Jimbo


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