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help me

Hi all.

just came home from work early. got dentist at today, got broken tooth.

i really hate dentist. feel so nervous about going. its hard to put into word

how im feeling right now. really wanted to have a smoke badly today because

im so so nervous:( still dooooooooo? feel sick. trying not to think about

it. but as the time go by and i be leaving soon to get there. all im thinking

about now is having a smoke. feel really. really bad.

gone back to having a lozenge this afternoon to see if that help me,

i really dont want to start smoking again. but my mind is telling me just have

one. but i know one will be two and so on,

im so bloodly upset with myself for thinking this way. sorry for going on, just

needed to get it all out before i leave,

wish me luck. got to leave now.:eek: will let you know how i get on,

and barb, dont worry im not going to smoke and let you down. just needed

to talk...... take care all


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Hi Alan

Sorry your feeling low. but you will be so proud of your self later when your back from the dentist and just think you dont have to worry about your breath smelling. Good luck mate. I hate dentists my self Two weeks ago my son whos Alcoholic had 7 teeth out and two fillings he was shitting himself love him. Linda xxxx


thanks Linda.

i wish someone could go in my place. oh well lets get it over with.

talk to you later.

Alan xx


Alan mate

I too am s*it scared of dentist.

Be brave Alan and you will get through this. I am putting my faith and trust in you not to smoke.


I will be here later to see how you got on.

Barb x


Alan, try and wait til you've seen the dentist. If you did have a smoke now, he would smell it and that would be gross, :eek::rolleyes::o

You will feel so much better by then I am sure - we are all "rooting" for you lol (get it? Joke? Rooting? Teeth? Dentist? lol)

I am so funny that I have taken your mind of the fags right? Or did I just remind you again? sorry............

,.................(hugs) to make you feel better :)



get yourself the rescue remedy of the bach flowers - 4 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water - really helps

and it's not your mind that wants a cigarette - cause your mind does NOT want one - its more your subconscious

Hang in there - you can do it

and its alright to think about smoking - as long as you don't do it.

we are ex smokers it's normal to think about it - its ok

keep your fingers busy by posting and you get through it


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