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hi can anyone help me?

:confused: hi

for a couple of days now ive felt so tired and in a daze with a fuzzy head its not through drink because i have not had any, has anyone else experienced anything like this with packing up smoking only i feel like im in a daze at work and im not really lessoning to my co workers i do sleep really well when i go to bed so its not lack of sleep, im on day 25 now and i dont feel tempted to smoke do you think it could be the inhalator i only use one to 2 cartridges a day. alison:confused:

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Sorry I have no idea!? :confused:

If it carries on you should see your doctor, I get like that when my thyroid isn't being controlled by thyroxine.

Not been like that through quitting though. Lack of concentration is a sympton but i thought it was in the early days of quitting.


Dont worry Alison you will feel ok soon Im sure its nothing serious but coming on here will help.

We both on same day its 26 today come on we can do it:)

I havent slept well for ages lots of bad dreams but I do take patch off before going to sleep.

Hang on in there girl


Yeah i get tired like that too....good days bad days thats life. (Day 25..cold turkey)

I would bin the NRT as soon as possible..sooner you get that crap out of your system the better, just have the confidence.:)


I would stick with the quit method you started with! Glad your cold turkeys doing good radman x but bare in mind it's not best for everyone x

~ x X x X x ~


Research !

I believe that every ex-smoker, quit smoking because they try several times before they succeed. Therefore, if you’re looking for method to quit smoking I suggest that you start researching your habit. I’ve been smoker for over 12 years, and I quit for good.

I’m 100% sure that you need to find your own reasons but that’s up to your search for the truth. is a site dedicated to all smokers who are searching there own reasons. Leave your comments and I’ll try to help you.

All the best !


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