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No Smoking Day
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Del struggling but determined

Hi everyone just want to let you all know that this is my 10th day not had a fag. But not over excited yet as so ill with anxiety attacks and depression but not gonna give in I now have to take 2mg diazepan and 5mg of trezepan a day but this does help with my sleep I want to just let all of you know if i can do it with my problems then lots of people can i believe the smoking when stopped my anxiety problems will get better please take note of what i say giveing up smokeing can be hell but well worth it in the end all the best to all of you Adele

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thanks cat woman nice some one reconises in what i say


Well done Del. I think if your determined enough, you WILL do it. I think quitting when there are other things going on in your life can help with the process. Keep focussed and post again to let us know how you are getting on


hi Del...

sooo sorry to hear you're struggling:(

but you're doing brilliantly..i've found it tough enough

and I don't have all the other crazy's you've got to deal with..

got a few of my own, but hey, who hasn't:D

stay positive, end of week 2 is in sight:D

nicky x


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