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Made it to day 4!


Never thought I would make it this. Even day 3 wasn't too bad.......Last quit end of March I caved big time eve of day 3, even had some wine last night and didn't notice the cravings getting worse. I know I'm still only the tinniest way into my quit but I'm chuffed to bits I made it this far.......

By reading seems I'm the only really new quitter, am I the baby of the site???

Thanks for all your help and advice and web links etc, have read and read!

Onwards and upwards :)


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Well done Jane. I gave myself a pat on the back at day 3 and so should you, it is a massive acheivement. Keep it going and don't let the weekend catch you off guard. I am still trying to avoid smokers at the weekend, and I know I can't hide from them forever! Nice to see you on the board :) x


well done you..

I think champix is amazing stuff - made the whole experience

different this time it:D

lots of luck



Thanks guys


Well DAY FIVE (can you hear me shouting???)

Not worried about it being the weekend, busying myself with lots of housework and hopefully some gardening (how boring)

Had a few drams of ye olde red wine last night.....didn't effect my craves, no better or worse than usual :)

Well thanks again and looking forward to bumping up the threads into the 2nd week (roll on day 7)

Jane x


morning jane...

just watch out for day 5 - bit me in the bum!?!?!:p

good luck.. sounds like you're really positive so

expect it'll be a breeze:D



Well done Jane, you keep yourself busy and get on with life as a non-smoker. The worst is well and truly over! ;)


Morning Jane, well done! You may be the baby of the site but I'm only one day older than you! Like you I was worried about the weekend but now I'm into it I feel great and really positive that this is going to work. I had a couple of beers last night too and felt no bad craves at all. I seem to have stopped munching like there's no tomorrow too (like I did at the start), which is very good indeed!

I'm working today but tomorrow have made a big plan to attack my spare bedroom! That along with general housework (yawn) and a big long dog walk along the coast (yippee) should keep me happy and healthy.

We can do this!



I'm taking my dogs for a walk along the beach too..

suspect Lanzarote tad classier than Scarborough!?!?!:rolleyes:

have a great day...:D



"I'm taking my dogs for a walk along the beach too..

suspect Lanzarote tad classier than Scarborough!?!?!"

Don't know about classy but everywhere can be happy, it depends what you make of it!

Everyone is welcome to help me sort out my spare room - let's have a party!

Bring a paint brush!



Oooooh, I quite fancy a walk on the beach. We don't have many in the Midlands though! Can't wait for my break in Devon. I should be 4 weeks smoke free by then too :) x


OOh Tasha I'm going on hols after being almost 5 weeks (hopefully) smoke free, going to Menorca with hubby and my little girl. First time since a teenager that I've gone on hols and not smoked.......little worried if I'm letting your guard down etc.

Hopefully my quit will be as strong as an Ox by then.....

Spent 3 hours today digging out a big flowerbed and filling with slate chippings.......IN THE RAIN!!!!



ok maybe not classy but bet its warmer..

and probly not p**ing with rain?:)

never mind, snow forecast for tomorrow:confused:



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