My new crutch

I would just like to ask does anyone else out there have a new crutch in place of cigarettes? Mine is the Allen Carr book (sorry, not gonna go on about it 'cos I've done enough of that on here) but I feel lost without it. I have to have it in the same room as me as I feel 'vulnerable' without it nearby. Like, right now! Its upstairs ggrrr I feel I need to steal glances at it every now and then to keep up my great attitude towards this quit. I read a chapter every now and then to reinforce my resolve. Its like I have this great relationship with this book lol

I have to say I still do not want a cigarette. I'm just weird I guess. No craving for one at all but I feel its down to my AC book and without the book nearby, I feel I am going to go back to how I used to be (struggling).

I know my attachment to this book is not normal so I need to know if there are other weirdos out there! Please don't say its just me...:eek:

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  • It's not just you Maddy. I feel like that about chewing gum. I must have a packet nearby otherwise I get all panicky. I replaced them with mints last week but they weren't the same. Weird or what!!:rolleyes:

  • there's also an AC "Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking"

    which I bought after reading the original..

    it's in a cartoon format and very easy to read..small

    paperback size..I keep it by my bed and scan through

    it for re-affirmation at night. think it's what helped me this time..


  • Hiya Maddie - well done! I think it has to be Solitaire on my Nintendo DS. Get a craving and pick it up and fire it up! Pre ordered Ultimate Solitaire from HMV and so excited I could p**s my pants! Don't know what I will do when I get back to work - probably will be the Quit counselling service via email, they are fantastic!

  • lol @ the solitaire thing. I am right to assume that you ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVE that game then? :D

    I want to get my hands on anythin AC! I have ordered the book that comes with the cd. Wanna be able to play it in my car. That mini book sounds great...gonna scout round on ebay for one! Mind, I haven't come across it on ebay. Unless someone else has happened across one on there?

    I wouldn't mind the one for women too lol I WANT ALL OF THEM!!! :D

  • Hiya Maddie - well done! I think it has to be Solitaire on my Nintendo DS. Get a craving and pick it up and fire it up!

    42 All Time Classics is mine - card games, darts, bowling all sorts on it. Keeps me occupied for ages. By the time I get fed up can't remember why I picked it up in the first place.:D:D

  • Yes I am a solitaire and Mah Jong addict, but I guess that's another forum, and one addiction at a time eh? I quite fancy the cartoon book too, if you find it anywhere Maddy et me know. Might have a look on Amazon. I've got 'The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently' and it's quite an intense and time consuming read. Could do with a quick reference guide ;) x

  • *chucks john another spade* lol

    Aww thanks mark. Same as. I KNOW I would not have got this far without everyone on here. This time around I'm finding it ridiculously easy but last time I struggled and if it wasn't for all the guys on here I would not have lasted 3 and a half weeks on my last quit.

  • maddy & tasha..

    i got the cartoon AC stop smoking for women in Borders

    book shop £6.99 - sure Amazon'll have it for less:D

    really great for a quick refresher or to deal with a crave:D

    fits in the handbag!?!


  • Cheers Nicky. D'you know what? I don't know why I'm being such a skinflint when I am saving myself so much money each week! I'm gonna stop being so tight and just buy it new from some place. Just used to trying to get the best deal I can I guess. But I have to admit, every penny spent on an AC product is a penny well spent!

  • go girl!!!:p


  • Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Mark, so sweet you are. And Jan - same for me, my solitaire and mah jong is on 42 all time classics and never tried anything else on there - you just reminded me I got 40 new games to play lol :D

  • Jaffa cakes - they are the best! Yummy :p x

  • Jaffa cakes and carrots? lol hmmm :D

  • Alan Carr

    Hi Maddy

    I know exactly what you mean Iam just the same. It was really wierd what you were saying. I can't go to sleep without reading a little bit of the book and I also have to read some before I get up in the morning.

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