No Smoking Day

lovely snowy morning today

a very good morning to you all,

down here in the south-east. we got some snow. got up this morning open

curtains and BANG..... there it was. all this white stuff just looking at

me:eek: when you work all day out in it. its not nice, but thats just me..

if you nice the snow then enjoy........ how are we doing this morning with

being a non smoker, please let me know how you are finding it,

EASY or HARD,,,,,, some days are good for me, others can be a bit hard..

what ever way you are doing it. and its working for you. KEEP-IT-UP.

look forward to hearing from you.... take care


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Morning Alan

Snowing here too but its stopped now. Just thinking about this quitting game and thought to myself the last day or two i have started to feel a little diffrent. dont really know how just a bit more relaxed Hope its just me turning the corner. Linda xxxx



i find it each day a tiny bit easier - the little devil is still lurking arround and occasionally trying to tell me that I want a cigarette - but fortunately I am stubborn and manage to shut the little monster up.

no puff for 1 Week, 5 Days, 5 hours and 9 seconds (12 days). I am £48.82 richer by not smoking 244 cigarettes. I have saved 20 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 25/03/2008 07:25

it's always shocking to look on the quit keeper - cause 20 cigs a day does not siund so much - but 244 cigs in 12 days is a lot !


hi sunny.

your doing so well. but we need to be on our guard 24/7......

because that smoking devil will alway be lurking just waiting for us to be at

our lowess then he will jump. keep up the good work mate,

and Linda your not funny. its because your a non-smoker now.. and that

something to be proud of. WELL DONE, BE PLEASE WITH YOURSELF:)

all the best to you both



Thanks Alan :)

and absolutely agree that's so important to be on garde and aware that quitting for me means never ever a puff

fortunately I have great support in my partner - he is an ex smoker now for more than 7 years

and loads of support here in the forum.

It' so helpfull to find people who are on the same journey for approximately the same length of time

helpfull to exchange experiences :)

and hey - you are doing so fantastic yourself - keep going :)



The air is cleaner

Hi Alan,

I am a new member, going well,I have stopped nicotine for 14 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes and 38 seconds (14 days).

I have had some bad times, but never given in.

Also some funny times as well. I started using patches and on the second day was feeling very pleased at how "easy" things were going, and therefore what a good job the patch was doing. I then checked on the patch only to find it had fallen off!

Anway, that was it, I decided that I would depend on good old fashioned will power, and thats me now since then.

Like you, I awoke to snow today. I went out to the rugby club with my kids, I can honestly say that there was something about the air!

I am going to say this is due to my not smoking!


Its so great...liberating even, to not be tied to such a consuming habit/addiction. Its great. I feel great today and despite the cravings I am having a good day *fears I have tempted fate a tad bit too much*

To do things without worrying about having a fag is great. Say, we go somewhere and smoking is doesn't matter! Our day will not be affected because we don't smoke anymore. We get to go about our lives being free of this horrid weed. And you know what? I really do feel free. Today has been a turning point for me. I see things with much more clarity than I ever did before regarding the horrible nic addiction.

I wonder if its Allen Carr's book entering my subconscious then worming its way through to my conscious thoughts? :cool: I seem to have a more positive attitude/outlook since reading that book.


I never truly appreciated the meaning of 'free' until today John. I really do feel free from the dirty inhibiting habit. Its like I'm standing atop a hill in a great big open space and nothing is holding me back :eek: Truth is I feel bloody great right now! Not going to assume this is how I will always feel, but right now, I feel great and truly free :D


It is what it is, John. We can make our quits hard, we can make our quits easy. I'm opting for the latter one this time. I shall restart the Allen Carr book once I have finished it and then again and again and again to reinforce my resolve. By reading that book, I shall keep my subconscious mind working at staving off the cravings and life will become blessedly easier. Well, thats the plan lol

I don't feel I am missing anything this time. My last quit I did. Big time. I'm so glad I relapsed a couple weeks ago because I really do have a much better frame of mind this time round.

We go into our quits believing it to be some horrible godawful fight but do you know what? Straight away we have made it a fight by going into it as if it is a fight. My attitude now is that I have simply stopped smoking. I'm not quitting anything. At least, not anything that I miss anyway.

I am not seeing stopping smoking as a 'task' or 'mission' or 'something I must do'. I simply want my health and my purse back.

The hardest time for me kicks in at around the 2nd week so I'm trying not to dread that time because if I dwell on it then it WILL be an awful time again for me. I'm gonna try and keep everything on an even keel.


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