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Climbing the walls!


:mad:God, I am absolutely deperate for a fag today and it's day 23!!!

I was also trying to eat sensibly but that was going out the window as the recipes in the Weight Watchers magazine I bought were costing me a fortune and I ended up with half an onion and half a garlic clove left over! Now I just keep thinking I'll be bad and eat rubbish and smoke like a chimney. I think this is the worse craving I've had since I started. The novelty has worn off and I just want to go back to the "old" me. I am trying to focus on the money which is just about keeping me away from the corner shop.


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Hi tamlaking

I so know how you are feeling right now, this happend to me on my last quit, the first few days are extremely hard but they are a challenge and we are so determined, then we get to a week and to be quite honest I shocked myself, then we roll into 2-3 weeks and don't really know how we got there and then

WHAM you wake up and think about nothing but having a fag and the craving is so intense that you feel like pulling your fingers nails off (well I did), anyway, don't do it , don't give in, take deep breaths, drink a pint of water really quickly but don't do what I did and have a fag. For me it was after 7 months and the first one made me spin and feel sick and then the 2nd one made me want to smoke a 3rd,4th,5th 6th and so on until I was back to 20 a day and seeing looks on peoples faces that just told me that they knew I couldn't do it

I carried on smoking for 18 months until 17.3.08 when I stopped again, haven't told many people, last time even the staff in local shop knew!!! but i'm so determined this time, I still get really bad craves but think about some of the videos that i've seen in here and try and distract myself with something else, the kids easter eggs were good!!!

Keep up the good work x

Thanks for that Della. Your so right. I gave up once for six months and then had a fag my OH had left lying around and that was it. A steady creep from the occasional one to a pack a day!

The feeling is slowly passing. You are all so right.

Thank you for all your support.

The feeling is slowly passing. You are all so right.

Thank you for all your support.

Take deep breaths and say to yourself (or out loud if no-one is about) "I do not want an effing fag" several times whilst thumping something like a pillow or other inanimate object. It worked for me.:D

if you smoke. then i will.:( dont forget we are all trying to do the same thing.

we know it would;nt be easy to give-up, but you are doing so well.. dont be

silly and give in after coming this far, help is alway here day or night...

keep going. you can beat this.. we all can with the help from one another...

be back later to see how you are doing, ALL THE BEST.............


smoke 35 + a day,

Quit on 12/3/08

money save so far 212. 75p

save smoking 796 cig

life save 2 day. 18 hours. 15 mins

This is good words. I see you all dont smoke and I read to help.

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