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Almost a month but climbing up the wall

Yesterday and today have been my worst since the first week of the quit. I'm under quite a bit of pressure for various reasons and I've had a few PROPER cravings, undoubtedly as a result of that stress. I even had the smoking dream last night that a few of you have experienced. Everywhere I went in the dream I was buying packets of cigarettes but I wasn't opening any of them, just buying one after another. Weird.

The main thing is I haven't had a smoke, even in my dream. This quitting thing is strange - you think everything is going well and then the mighty urge comes out of the blue.

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It sure is buddy! We cannot put the guards down...remember me last week?

What I have done this time is literally refuse to give in.

I wrote in here before and I am going to write again because this is the approach that is keeping me sane (more or less)

When someone dear to you dies, you may miss the person a lot, cry, scream, may never find anyone else you love half as much,, but you're not going to dig the person out of the grave to bring the person back to life?! That's ridiculous!

The same with the cigarettes, they were my best friend, my companion and for sure the love of my life. I miss them terribly but they were hurting me and I kill them about 7 weeks ago. They are dead. I've cried, I felt lonely and very sad. I felt very angry at times...but I cannot bring them back because they are dead.

Stay strong buddy :p


Quitting is indeed a strange process Nozmo and what you are going through is normal but it will pass.

When we were smokers we just accepted it as if it was a normal life function just like breathing. We shared the good and the bad times with our cigarettes, they were always within hand's reach providing us with a false sense of security. I think all of us smokers fell into the same trap and ended up thinking that life without our cigarettes would somehow be lacking - I know I certainly did.

You are now a month into your quit and you're doing very well by the sound of it. Smoking is a very addictive habit and I don't think we actually realise just how addictive it is until we quit. The dreams and thoughts you are experiencing now are all part and parcel of the addiction but you will gradually adjust to your new smoke free way of life and discover that life goes on just the same or even better.

It is tough at times and we've just got to grin and bear it and think about the end product - being free of a nasty habit that's nothing more than a waste of time and money.

Keep going Nozmo. :)


Hey Nozmo, the good news, these feelings you are experiencing will pass so hang in there, you / we can get through them, enjoy the good days and embrace the tough days, keep your guard up and soon stressful situations won't be all about having that smoke as you will have adapted how to deal with it without one....stay strong!


hey Buddy, how are you feeling today?

Any calmer?



Stress levels still through the roof mmya. Got a big, BIG, decision coming up and hanging waiting for news around is doing my head in. I can't relax.

That said, the cravings haven't materialized today...and I didn't have any weird smoking dreams last that's got to be good. Thanks for asking.


Ill PM you now


I quit cold turkey on 29 September 2015 and I too have found today particularly heavy with cravings and leg tingling.

I have a social dinner with old friends tonight, several of them smoke buddies, it's going to be a challenge :)


Hi Bhaiyuji,

Welcome to the forum :)

Yes I agree with you, for me it's always been end of the 4th week, week 5 and 6, instead of the first days like the majority.

So much that every single time I attempted to quit, I always relapsed around that that time. This time around I really struggled and I am really happy I didnt cave in because I am now on week 7 and not a bother.

You cannot put your guards down at that stage, I think it's when the mind starts realizing that there won't be a nicotine feeding any more.

Also read an article that explained by week 5, a smoker is left with a huge amount of nervous receptors in comparison to a non smoker. They are very actively trying to be fed and that causes the alterations on some people's behavior at that stage.

Most would experience signs of depression and loss, some experience anger and short temper. The feeling of loss of control over yourself and your own action...I had that last week and it is not pretty at all.

I did a lot of research and the way I dealt with it was:

- information (key to get get rid of an addiction), the more you learn about whats going on the better chances you have to overcome it.

-Support, this forum has helped me so much

-Natural supplements, Hercu has a few posts on this.

** I started up with natural supplements last week and I am delighted with the result. I am simply taking magnesium powder 3 times a day, this is to keep me calmer and guess what helps a lot.

​Stay strong buddy!


Hi Bhaiyuji, nice to hear from you. If you can get through tonight you've made a big step.

A few of my friends smoke and I was wary of my first social gathering but I found it quite easy in the end. I told them I had quit, and not to offer me any cigarettes and they were good to their word.

Even if you don't find it easy, try to stay resolute! I've blown two previous quits by just having "the odd one" when I've been out with friends.


Thanks for the words of encouragement mmaya, Linda and rowens, they're much appreciated.

I'm going to be a bit barmy for the next few weeks, while this situation is going on but I'm determined not to smoke. It's good to know there are people to offer support if I need it. Cheers.


Sometimes i feel like a horse galloping on a horse track, all the horse can see is the final line, the obstacles ...well you just go over them LOL

My only problem is that I am terribly short sighted and cannot see the stupid finish line...yet!


Nozmo...Yup..indeed, this quitting thing is strange, yet amazing... I called that sudden craving a Nicodemon curve ball.. and needed to cope with that very early on my journey. Be strong this wall climbing, blackboard scratching, period do pass and become more bearable... Feel with you ..Strongs !


Thanks Hercu. Still stressed but no more cravings today. I like the "Nicodemon Curve Ball" phrase, it certainly sums it up.


Hey Nozmo, I too have had 2 very stressful weeks between work last week and a health scare this week, thankfully hubbie is ok and will be fine, but from last Sunday night up to yesterday it was extremely worrying, frightening and stressful, but I did not smoke and didn't even think about smoking! I really feel that I am comfortable in my quit and still as focused, determined and 100% on my guard that a bad day can just appear out of nowhere, the sword will remain up at all times to attack when needed.

I think Nozmo, you are heading in this direction and just hang in there for the next week, you will get through it and are doing so well, stay strong and calm ;)


Hiya, rowens, glad to hear your husband is OK. That's probably the worst stress you can have.

And also glad to hear that you didn't even think about the white tubes. It's working!

I'm not feeling too bad at the minute. My wife has took pity on me and is taking me out for a few pints so that should cheer us both up.

Have a good Saturday night, whatever you're up to!


Enjoy your few pints with your wife, We are having a very chilled out, relaxing weekend, fire just lit, pizza ordered and glass of wine in hand to sit down and watch Saturday night tv (namely strictly and x factor, I know sad but guilty pleasure of ours, but gets us through the long dark weekends during the winter!)


Thanks Karri, glad things are good with you...


Nothing "sad" about that rowens!! Hope you enjoyed it.


Hey friend, you're feeling better today?

It's sunny here today - for a change - hope you're enjoying your Sunday



Better today thanks! I've got everything organised that I need to so that's a relief.

Even a trip to ASDA to get some shopping in hasn't dampened my spirits!


Afraid it's been a grey, wet and then misty day up here in the frozen north but I'm glad to hear you sounding so positive and chirpy again Nozmo.

It's ups and downs come what may but we can get through them.

Hope this week is a better one for you. Keep your chin up and your guard, both at the same time. ;)


Hey Nozmo, how are you, give us a quick update if you can, hope you are doing good...


Hiya rowens...not so great to be honest. Anxiety levels through the roof and waiting to catch a plane is not a good combination for me. Still not smoking though. Thanks for asking, hope you're having a good day.


Sorry everybody, just had one and it was absolutely disgusting. Feel like I've let you all down, and myself of course.


Ah Nozmo, so sorry to read this, Linda is right, try to forget about it and get straight back on to your quit, we will be ready and waiting to continue to support you...


Aaaaah Nooooo Nozmo :(.

Well what's done's done but I'm glad you didn't enjoy it. Time to get back on the quit bus again and start where you left off.

I know you're stressed at the moment but it's not worth abandoning your quit and smoking won't help solve anything.

Just forget about what's just happened and carry on regardless. I'm sure we're all guilty of doing exactly the same thing so don't beat yourself up.

I'll be looking forward to seeing you back shortly with a more positive post.;)


Hey buddy, I'm glad you've had that experience, some say that is the turning point, and from this moment on you'll never fantasise about that one lovely cigarette because you know now that it just won't help with the situation and tastes disgusting.

Carry on buddy, the next few hours are crucial, stay focused.

Thinking of you today xxxx


Thanks for looking out for me everyone. Been travelling all day since the fatal error and just had the chance to check in again. Daft one starts here!


Nozmo, I am absolutely thrilled to read this post before I head to bed, well done you, good luck, we are all behind you!


Gone too far, and too sick of smoking to blow it away now. Thanks and goodnight. Heading off to bed myself, been a long day.


The good news, these feelings you are experiencing will pass so hang in there, you / we can get through them, enjoy the good days and embrace the tough days, keep your guard up and soon stressful situations won't be all about having that smoke as you will have adapted how to deal with it without one....stay strong!

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