Big mountain climbed today!

This afternoon was my tester. A long drive home alone after a visit to the shops after work. Then back home with no children or husband to smell my cheating smokey clothes. A trap I have fallen into many times in the past. Today, nothing! No urge, no feeling of loss, just terrific freedom! For me,and I know there will be hard times ahead, this is my marker. If I can do this easily then I am over the biggest hurdle. Bring on day 6!

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  • Hi Fiona... Well done to you, you should be so proud of yourself!!! I am really proud of you!

    Good on ya xx

  • Nice 1! Well done!:)

  • Hi Fiona :D

    Well done you I knew you could do it and know you were worried am proud of you keep it going


    Margaretxxxxxx :D

  • hi fiona,,well done to you on day 6,be strong and keep the faithh tony keep:D:D:D

  • Well done Fiona keep being strong:).

  • thank you! I love that this place supports not only the bad but the good times. Have just logged on and reading all these lovely messages is the icing on a very tough 5 day cake! Thanks again guys and girls, truly inspirational xx

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