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im still here. doing well


hi all,

im still doing well. dont think about smoking now, well not too much. still

have the odd craving now and then... i do hope that the D-DAY TEAM are

doing well. not heard from some for a while. but there are still some of us

about. and doing well.... getting a bit easy now. soon be starting week 4.

keep the experiences coming. they do help us all........:)

take care all.


stopped on 12/3/08

used to smoke 35 + a day

money saved so far. 188.08p

life saved, 2 days.. 9 hours.. 55 mins

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congratulations Alan :)

I just started week 2 today and am also waiting for the moment without cravings - though it got so much better after the 72 hours


hi sunnyserpent.

craving will get better soon, early days still for us. but we are doing well,

its nice to have you with us. keep the good work-up.....


thanks Alan - I will :)

and I have the great support of nice member like you - and my partner and husband to be ( also called Alan :) )

am really glad that I found this forum

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