No Smoking Day

8 weeks for the KYB??

'tis isn't it?

I have trouble keeping count, but it was a Wednesday when I had my first day. so it's got to be a Wednesday when I start another week...and that's tommorrow.

It's scarey how many people still drop off the perch at this stage.

I stopped using my puffer three days ago (4th day today..) and, guess what? I'm getting symptoms I recognise from past quits...body feels cold, I'm getting strange over-excited jumpy moments (like kids get when they get a treat) for no reason. I'm generally more dark in outlook than I've been used to. isn't easy!


Hope you're both still in the quit!

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Well done Bill your doing great. Wheres Sue and Yoyoyo. Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I am so sorry .....

I have failled. I tried to come off my patches and the first week was hard, the second even harder and finally I had enough and just bought and smoked some cigs.

Back on the patches and back to day one for me ... an appropriate day 'Fool's Day'

Good luck Bill and Sue x


Oh Yo,

What a shame!

Glad to hear you're back on your quit. I've stopped NRT too early myself and started smoking again, but this time I hope I'll be smart enough to restart the puffer if it gets too bad, before I get pulled into the 'orrible 'abit again.

I had a period of being almost all the time in the middle of some sort of effort to stop smoking before I got with a group and, eventually, found these forums...which have helped me a lot.

We're rooting for you!

Bill X


New addition???

Well, Sue,

Did I read you right? Or write you read?? Or something...Anyway, I thought you said you were going to have a new puppy today..If so. have alovely time..I'm sure you will.



So very sorry about your last quit but its not the end of the world. You have started anoyher that ones in the past very good luck this time im sure you will win this one. Linda xxx


Please post some pics of you brand new pup when you have time. You and Bill are sailing along now well done both. Linda xxxxxxxxxx


I reckon day 58?

7 X 8 = 56...which must have been last Tuesday cos I know we started on a Wednesday (it's the day I fly to Algeria and doesn't change..)

+ 2 cos it's Thursday.

So....Ta da...58 days.

Feels like 85 days at the moment.

I'm fed up that I'm still on edge five days after stopping with the puffer. I had a puff (on a puffer1) late late late last night, cos I've not been sleeping.

And now...guess what? I want another. But I can't see that I'll achieve anything. it's got to be a last line of defence against ol' Nic only now...otherwise it's just a circle.

I was talking to my son (who smokes) last night and he was saying he'd read something about it being people whose genes dictated that they were prone to lung cancer who were the most likely to be strongly addicted to fags..That's scarey...and even more reason never to do it again.

Plus it's mad.

Plus it's expensive.

Ugh. Bloody smoking...I'm really p****d off with the whole subject and just want to stop thinking about it!

Gonna make a plan around some positive behaviours, I think. haven't done any yoga for a while cos I did my back playing racketball 10 days ago. Grrrrrr.

Deep breathing and water maybe.

I bet having a gorgeous new puppy keeps you happy and occupied, huh?

Hope you're doing well Sue!

Lol B X


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