Week 3 already

I don't believe I am into week 3. It doesn't seem like it has been that long. I still have the thought in my head that I don't smoke.

my stats: 14 days, 9 hrs, 58 mins smoke free, adding 1 day 19hrs, 14 mins, 55 secs to my life expectancy, saving £131.91, by not smoking 432 cigarettes. Since I stopped smoking an estimated 138243 people have died of a smoking related illness.

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  • Mark! Wondered where you'd got to, unless I just missed your posts? Glad you're still going strong :cool:

  • I have been on and think I have replied to a post or 2. I thought people would be generally busy with the bank holiday weekend so decided not to start any new threads. I'm still going really strong though. I am doing things I would never have done while I was smoking and I think it's really helping me to stay focused.

  • Mark, well done on surviving Friday evening. I had a few drinks at our barbecue on Sat (was'nt intending to but could'nt resist) but did'nt particularly want to smoke at all, so going strong in week 3 now. Glad to hear its going well with you so lets stick at it. So far have managed to survive 2 rows with the wife, drinks on Sat and a job interview today. Hopeing it can only get easier from here

  • Diamond & Mark, two of the newer posters I look out for these days, great to see you doing and sounding so well ;)

  • Diamond - From the sound of things you are going to do just fine. I'll be right behind you every step of the way (by literally a few hours)

    AB - With a name like yours I really wouldn't want to let you down. Zoe is bad enough with her hammer without having an angry bear after me as well hahaha:D

    Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to know that people are rooting for you.

  • Finally i can post messages and especially this one

    so without further ado




    That is a fantastic achievement and im so happy your doing so well

    yippee way to go


    your certainly a star

  • Zoe is bad enough with her hammer without having an angry bear after me as well hahaha

    Stage direction from 'A Winter's Tale' by Shakespeare - Exits, pursued by a bear Lol Mark, hope you don't appear in THAT play anytime soon unless you play whats-er-name the one that hides in a wardrobe for twenty years :D (long time since I did my A Levels lol :rolleyes:)

    I am going to audition for Lady Macbeth - 'Is this a hammer I see before me, the handle towards my hand ....' :p

    Seriously though, well done on getting in to Week 3, I have just joined you today but am struggling a bit so watch the news for any strange incidents, you know what I'm like ;)


  • Well done you guys. Really well done. I'm loving keeping an eye on your success and your friendship. This forum rocks.

  • Well done mark, how do you feel for it ? I mean health wise


  • Well done mark, how do you feel for it ? I mean health wise


    Honestly, I have never been as tired or as sore in my life. I'm having pains in places I didn't even know existed lol. I'm willing to put up with it because I know it's only temporary and that my body is healing but I can see why a lot of people would give up on their quit attempt. What's stopping me is the thought that I have went through the worst and don't fancy doing it again - that plus the thought of even one puff makes me feel ill.

    Zoe - trust you to rewrite the works of the greatest playwrite ever to suit your hammer. I'm going to have a look at the news to make sure no one was injured last night.

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