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Kidding Ourselves we were !

Just checked my iPhone application thingy's telling me how much money myself and OH have saved by not smoking. Thing is, we've actually saved quite a bit more than it's showing.

The only conclusion can be that we were smoking far more than we realised :eek:

OH used to buy in bulk so I was never really aware of how often he was going to the supermarket but he tells me that he was spending more than the application says we've saved!

Even when I was starting my quit I was obviously still kidding myself about the extent of my smoking habit.

Anyway, sorry for the boring post but just wondering has anyone else "underestimated" the amount they were smoking. Quite shocking as it puts us both nearer to 40 a day. When we first went to smoking clinic OH said he smoked 20 and I said 30 :eek:


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Hey Pip,

I did the same thing...I used an online one and it said x$'s but I knew my bank account showed more....for me it was what i got with the smokes...a pack of gum (extra $1.50), a pop or juice (extra $2)...that made that pack of smokes $13- $14....times 7? way more than what was on the calculator

Regardless....feels good dont it :)



I've noticed teh same thing as smartel.... I used to buy 1xpack (20) per day and they would usually just about last 24 hours but each time I went to the shop I would very rarely come out with 'just ciggies' ....

I would buy a couple of £s worth of 'stuff' (choccy, newspaper etc..)

So I would rarely have any change out of £10 per day..... :eek:

Only trouble is..... I don't know where my 'quit counter saving of £61.30 so far is ???

If anybody finds £61.30 it's MINE.........:D


I was never really sure how many I smoked because I rolled my own. How many you get out of a pack depends on how big you roll them. Sometimes I would throw away the old crunchy stuff. I bought packets of different sizes. And I never had a handle on how many I was smoking.

I say ten a day. But it probably worked out at more - averaged out over the week it was probably more like fifteen.

Yuk. So glad I gave it up.

On the other hand it was a cheap way to smoke so I haven't felt any financial benefit at all. BOO!!!


Me too! I used to buy 200 a week at the supermarket and then "top up" through the week. That kept the exact numbers nice and vague...

So besides everything else, we now conclude that smokers are a bunch of liars!


Iv saved 47 quid and so far treated myself to a chinese takeaway and bought myself another box of patches.oh and iv saved 1day and 13 hours of my life i wonder what i could do with that?

mash x


LOL @ Mash

That would make an awsome thread.

"If you were on your deathbed, and given an extra week to live what would you do.?


It's a good point about the other stuff you used to buy too. For me, buying a packet of fags almost always happened first thing in the morning at the kiosk. So I would end up buying coffee, pastries and fags, making it about 50-55 dkk (£6) a day even though the fags were only half that. More often than not now, I go straight past to get the earlier train, and then make coffee at the office


To say that I used to smoke around 20 a day is probably fair, but it would have been more when I was out drinking. So I haven't lied to my phone app, it just didn't ask the right questions! ;)

However, I popped into the local shop for some sweets earlier (the diet is gong brilliantly, thank you for asking!) and the manager there had been wondering if I was ill or something! I used to go there for ciggies, but wine, milk, crisps, sweets, a loaf of bread... well, whatever else I noticed and thought I might want.

So quitting does have negative implications - my local shop is suffering in my absence! Lol!


Hi Pip

I was the same. I smoked on average around 20 a day and more at the weekends so I averaged it out at 23 a day (still slightly under I think but it's difficult to calculate) but I have saved more than I expected and I think it's the 'extras'. I used to buy my ciggies daily in the local newsagents throughout the week and then the supermarket and a supply for the weekend. I no longer go in my local newsagents at all and haven't been in there since the Thursday before I gave up so am saving on the 'extras' as well. Officially from saving on the ciggies alone my stats tell me I have saved £528.75 but I would say it's around the £600 mark. An excellent incentive to stay off the fags I would suggest! :D:D



not using the app but was buying a pouch (25g) of golden virginia everyday at £7.50 plus filters papers etc so say £8 a day times 45 days is £360 , the prices of a holiday to spain , jesus never realised it soon adds up


Saved at least a £1,000 in the 6 weeks I think. Probably more.

My app says £313, but that was based on 20 a day. Of course I reckon it was closer to 40 when drinking. Talking of drinking I used to go to the pub (I thought to feed my alcohol addiction) about 4/5 nights a week, but now realise it was the last place left where I could go and chain-smoke without being moaned at. Since I no longer smoke, I no longer go to the pub - and don't miss the booze at all. So that's another £30 saved from each pub visit. Add to that the more-often-than-not takeaway pizza or indian at 11pm, another £15. Then they'll be the cabs home - another £10. Add it all up, and it's a heck of a lot of money. I'm also half a stone lighter!

End result / benefits of not smoking thus far. Money, lack of midnight indigestion (takeaways gone), clarity of thought and deed (lack of beer & better sleep), concentration at work (fags/booze gone), and family time without "timeouts" (fags gone). Plus another 50 benefits at least.

Cheers to all quitters. Good luck, stay strong, we can do it.


My android app says £215.53 saved, however I've probably spent most of it on nice & bourbon biscuits!!!!:D


didn't save anything spent it all on bills so no rewards for me:mad:


Not really sure how much I spent per month - but it was over £250 I do know that - ouch. But just got paid to day and transferred £300 to savings -felt pretty good!

And think of all the money that can be saved by not having to buy anti-wrinkle cream! Brilliant.:)


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