No Smoking Day

Eclipse of the moon

Anyone else get up at 0400 (0300 where you are, I think)

It was lovely!

Reading a lot of posts this morning and I suddenly wanted a fag.

What? NEVER again? Not even ONE?

Somewhere there, in a hidden corner, I had been saving up the thought of being able to have the odd fag.

Man, this habit is so deep rooted.

Puffing away now to make the desire fade. But, for me, it's going to be tough when I'm at the end of the chemical crutch days....Ah well, cross that bridge when it comes.

Hope all's well with others today. lets have another day of distance from THAT habit!

Bill XX:)

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Bill, didn't see that - must have been really good. I think all things space and planet related kind of put things into perspective.


I agree.

My son got a telescope for Christmas and, BOY, has he been bitten by the bug!

He's on his THIRD (each one bigger than the last!).

I'm in Algeria, by the way, Sue, and the sky is really clear down south . So I'm going to try to borrow one of his telescopes next time in. Don't know what the customs will make of it, though...they won't let you take pics in the airport, even.

Maybe stargazing could be a way of counteracting the tendency to fixate on fags?

Glad to hear you're up and about, Sue!

Keep on truckin' (as we used to say in the days of Robert Krum).



Wow think thats wonderful bill. You know some of the most intelegent men who have walked the Earth have looked to the stars. I only have binocurars. But totaly missed the display last nite, sob! Did you see i put your photo in the general forum mate ? that must have been real scarey. You should have taken some of the eclipse for us sleepyheads what what ? xxx :D


Hi Dd,

Yes, thank you...I just got round to looking this morning. ....And the rest!!

Nuff said!

Bill X


gutted cos I missed it. Got a telescope for christmas too. yes i am a tad over 30 lol. But it was very cloudy here last night though so probably wouldn't have seen much.


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