No Smoking Day
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Absolutely over the moon :D

It's now the start of day 3 and let me tell you, I've had one craving all day!

I really need to thank my anxiety for this, see the reason I'm giving up is because I had a throat infection, but my anxiety told me it was throat cancer, which sent me spiralling down into a pit of depression and god knows what else, when my doctor (I say doctor, I saw 4 of them) told me it was not cancer, I knew it was time to pack up, my first try I craved near enough every 10/20 minutes, this time, as I said, I've craved once today and it wasn't even for 5 minutes, maybe It's not just my health that doesn't want the smoking, maybe it's all of me!

Anyway, rant over, day 3 starts now, good luck all :D

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Phew, glad your ok!! Didn't know how that was going to turn out! Keep it up! I'm in the place you were on your 1st attempt, hope I can stick it out!!


great news

Glad you made it to day 3, and as for the health anxieties... there's no better reason to quite than the peace of mind you are going to be giving yourself.




Thanks to you both for the great feedback :D


great stuff pleased for you.

Keep your guard up and dont hide from the craves. Beat the shit out of them!



Welll done to getting to day 3 and in a better state on day 2 than I was.


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