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1 year for me


Hello and thank you!!!!:D

It has been a few days over a year for me YEAH!!!!! I believe I could not have done it with out this site. To anyone wanting to quit - today is the day and this is the site. I originally had this long thread written up but it got lost. I was logged out or time ran out. Anyway- Thank you to all those that helped me! I have not had a cig since the 2-16-07!!!! I have saved over 4k in usd!!! I feel great!!!

I will try to drop a line to catch up or chat with anyone that might want to -

Thanks and good luck


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Thanks and good luck Robert Keep it up you'll be there before you know it.


Happy Anniversary! And here's to many, many more! :D


Thanks, Good luck to you!!

Gun Please dont forget to come back and tell us How your doing LInda. xxxxxx


Grin :D


Grin your a SUPERSTAR XXX :D:D:D

Well done :)



Thanks, keep up the good work.


Good stuff man, real good stuff.

Keep up the excellent work.


Thanks and you will be in here pretty soon. !!

Keep strong:D

well done and congratulations..


Congratulations on the year. Out of interest, do you still think about smoking? Any cravings, temptations etc?


Thanks Katie,

I do think of smoking a lot but in a good way, I see people smoking and I think "glad I'm done with it," or "Glad it is not me". I hate smoke now and if someone lights up i will ask them not too. I don't even want to smell them! I think of smoking once in a while, not real cravings- but wonder why I started. I spend a lot of time talking about it- trying to help people quit. Once in a great while I will still grab for my pocket to see if my Lighter is there or pack. Then I smile and realize what I am doing. :o

After every week it gets easier!!!!

It seems like forever ago I was smoking or even wanting one.

I also now how to ****yze my emotions and feelings and have done away with all triggers

Good luck everyone!!!!!



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