No Smoking Day

Who else is on day 11?

...Counting on the fingers!

Seems like we have a strong circle there just ahead, so lets get another group going for anyone that wants to, who has started out around now-ish...Actually, I've no idea how to get a 'team' on the site...can't be too complicated, I'm sure.

I'm really not having too much trouble at the moment, but I've been here before enough times to know that this bit is's when either a) I've forgotten to bring my puffer with me or b) I think 'This is OK, I don't want to smoke anymore and can, therefore, afford to forget the puffer'...that I get ambushed by an enormous need for a ciggie. And that is stronger when I get back to England, where the little treasures are always there, wrapped up in their beautiful giftboxes, in almost every shop and bar.....That will be the crunch for me. Back to UK 28th!!!

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Hi Mo jo

Thats a good idear Jan group Feb group ang so on. Very well done both Linda xxxxx


We should just have a February circle, Jan etc...

But regardless congrats on getting to day 11, and in bars and clubs now they are no longer being sold, not sure if that has come in since you have been abroad, but less temptation.

Keep ya inhaler on you, and keep it up.

Time for another microtab for me ... yum :(

I would be up for that one - the more the merrier I say!


Bill you are part of the No smoking team. You are only 2 days behind a few of us so stick with it and join in our posts. xx

Is day 11 normaly a tough one for you. I remember you saying something about day 10 or 11.


Yes, I seem to remember around 10 days I wouild start to be tempted by the buttends.



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