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16th Day today

16th day today.There were couple of instances where I got tempted too much, when I was relaxed after finishing a very big assignment of hosting the 1st birthday party of my daughter and on the day before the party when me and couple of my friends finished some preperations for the party.At these two instances I was too much tempted but there was no smokers around to offer me and that was a very good positive point at that time.I myself thought of buying a pack of 10 but some how the will power won over the nic that time.There are still some moments where I fell a good urge for smoking but the will power is fighting with the nic.Not even a single puff so far.

3rd week but still the urge is there.

Stopped on 30/01/2008 at 07:40 AM.

Cold trukey.

Successful so far but still the nic knocks now and then.

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:)keep up the good work 3 weeks is an excellent accomplishment. It does get easier.


Way to go mate, if you can get through a kiddies party mate you can sail through anything LOL. Hang in there mate your doing terrific wooopie!!!! :D


Just read your thread. Well done mkath.


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