I'm still ere!!!!

:)Hi all, thanx for asking bout me Lorraine. I'm still not smoking. it was 3 weeks last Saturday so like all of u lot not sure where i'm meant to be. Had a few bad days but not caved in. Not on here as much as i'd like to be cos it's school holidays & this is my son's Laptop so he's re-claimed it!!!! take care all & congrats for making it this far. x

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  • Hi Debs

    So pleased you still with us and not gone back to the dark side HEHE. Keep up the great work and please try and come on when you have a chance. But I know what its like If grand daughter or youngest son is here cant use the p.c. for love or money HEHE . Speak soon LInda xxxxx

  • morning debs,

    you must be coming up to a month soon? congrats, you're doing so well.

    hope you get a chance to play on the laptop soon :D

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