hi guys!!!!!!

i'm now officially in month 2!!!!!!! goodness that sounds so weird!!!!!!

this is the longest time i have ever gone without a cigarrette. I have tried before and lasted three weeks and then failed!!!!

but this time, i am determined that i will succeed!!!!!!! i am a non-smoker!!!!!

and i am in month 2!!!!!!!

hello all you month two'ers!!!!!! i think you're all amazing by the way!!!!!! :D

i am sooooooooooooooo happy to be here!!!!! :D :D :D x x x x

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  • Well done Babes

    your doing well we only have 5 more months and we will be in the penthouse HEHE. Keep going girl your doing great. ROCK ON.xxxxxxxx

  • hey, well done :D

    thats brill :)


  • Well done Est! Be proud, you're doing so well! Someone say party time???e.deviantart.com/emoticons/...

  • Your doin fantastically honey! What a great acheivement :)

  • Greeat going Est x x x x x

    I am so pleased for you!! you must be really chuffed!!

    Keep it going ;)


  • Well done Est for getting there yesterday. :D

    Being a day behind you I've just landed....are you still partying? :D

    i'm still feeling gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!! and now, everytime anyone asks me i say i am a non-smoker!!!!!! which I am of course!!!!! lol :D x xx x

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