Just found you, on day 5

Just found this site, thought I would join, whatever help and support I can get, (and maybe give), I'd be greatfullfor.

Last fag was Sunday evening 3rd February.I'm using the gum, which I'm finding is really working for me. I'm using about 6 - 8 pieces a day of the 2mg type.

I'm doing ok during the mornings and afternoons, but the evening are the killer for me. It was just a ritual, get the wee woman to bed, relax, glass of wine in one hand, fag in the other and out the back for about 1,2 maybe 3 fags in a row.

I know I can do it because I have given up for 5 years previously, so I'm just taking it a day at a time, and am feeling quite optomistic.

Funny side affect of the gum, for about the first minute or so after taking it I am having hic ups. Strange!

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  • welcome to the forum honey. and congrats on your quit!!! :D

    I too get hicups from the gum, so does my fiance. weird :confused:

    this forum is ace and the people here are bloody amazing so stick with us and you'll be fine. :p x x

  • hiya, welcome and well done on quitting :D you will get loads of support here............i have :)

  • Hi Annasmummy and welcome to the best place to be for quitting support! You are already at day 5 which is fantastic so looking forward to seeing you in Week 2 quite soon!

    Know what you mean about the ritual thing.. need to find an alternative if you can.. You could still go outside but take a short, brisk walk around, consciously breathing in and enjoying the air :D

  • Hi annasmummy x x

    Welcome on board and grats on the quit!! :D

    I still enjoy my wine in fact to be honest, I can now taste my wine :D

    Unfortunatley it means I have to spash out on marginly better wine :rolleyes:

    I can coil up on the sofa with my wine now and not have to keep getting up and freezing myself for a ciggie I like that :D

    Keep it up and stay positive x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Thank you so much everyone. It's lovely to get all the supportive and encouraging replies.

  • Hi Annasmummy, you are doing really well. This place is absolutley fantastic, how about when you feel like a smoke - log in and write a post, take your mind off it when the deamons are trying to win you back !!

    Push through, Anna (I guess little 'un ?) will thank you for it!

    Have a great Friday


  • Hi and welcome.

    Ive used the gum and got the hiccups too :D :D :D

  • Welcome Annasmummy

    You will get fab support here. keep posting and stay strong we will win this together. Linda xxxxx

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