New Day - 7/2/08

I know I have said this so many times and you are all probably sick of hearing it, but I cant give up on this. Groundhog day has to end, and that is going to be today. Today is the last time i am going to put myself though this. I am so fed up with myself for not doing it. I think I usually give in because I go for stopping in the middle of the day, then I end up thinking well I have smoked today so may as well wait till tomorrow. But as we all know tomorrow never comes. 7th Februay 2008 will be the day that I do not smoke. Going for 1 day at a time or even 1 hour at a time if thats what it takes. May be then it wont seem so daunting. :confused: Good Luck to all new quitters and Congratualtions to everyone who has already kicked this awful addiction. You are all amazing and keep me coming back to try again. So Thank you for that. :D

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  • the first step is the biggest


    thought that I would let you know that the first step is the biggest and hardest. I have smoked for 25 years 20 a day. The advice I would like to give is this. Take one day at a time, and keep reminding yourself its one day, it worked for me, once day one was over I worked on day 2 but kept telling myself one day...... I am now on day 38....... and have not had one single puff..... its not easy but can be done and I an absolutely amazed at myself. You can do it............... one day at a time............. good luck :)

  • Thanks Shirley, Thats just what i needed to hear. I have been smoking for about the same time as you, I know what you mean about the 1st step being the hardest. Congrats on you quit, are you still taking it one day at a time, and have the dreaded mind games passed now. Lou

  • ups and downs

    Hey Looby Lou,

    To be honest week 3 was the most difficult for me, but kept going, have kept motivated by lots of different things, this forum for example, I have also started running, which after years of no excercise I can't believe how much I love it. I had a really tough fri/sat/sun/mon... I really don't know how I got through it without cigarettes but I did. I am feeling really confident now, but still take one day at a time, all my friends and family cannot believe that I have stopped, maybe the defiance in me has kept me going because I want this so much not only for me but for my kids. they keep me going..... I know what you are going through. On the 31st Dec when I knew that it was my last day of smoking I was gutted. I felt physically sick at the thought, but I reminded myself of all the reasons why I was quitting. Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons why you can and will do this. and Guess what I'v saved around £220....... I'v really got to hit the shops........ c'mon you can do this. One day at a time :)

  • OOOOO Thanks. You sound really positive, and you did really well to get through those tough few days. There is no point throwing it away to start all over again, which is what I keep doing. I know I will not be happy till i have sorted this out. It is the one thing i can do for myself and my family, and it will make my children so proud of me and me of myself. I will be here tomorrow posting in day 1. probably all day in between talking myself out of going to the shops. Thanks again.:D lou

  • Hi Shirley - it's great to have someone like you around to give us a boost:) as so many of us (me) are complaining how hard it is - it's not all bad and as you point out so many positives about not smoking - good luck with the quit Lou (I'm now on day 10 after a few unsuccessful attempts)


  • that made me laugh kicking butt.

    Well day 1 is here, im a bit stuck for words actually. Not really craving at all, just thinking lots and lots about cigs. (and I've only been up for 2 hours. lol) maybe that's what a crave actually is. I dont know. Any way got plans for the day (cleaning cleaning and more cleaning). Good luck and anybody else and kicking butt, you go girlie, show your mates you can do this to. Lou:D

  • Yep you are sooooo right, we will do more damage if we kick his butt together. lol. ooo that sounds a bit like im violent or something, im not honestly. ;)

  • Loobylou,

    I did it hour by hour at the start-to think of me never having another fag ever again was just something i just could not think about,it was inconceiveable. On the first couple of weeks i felt like i was grieving-felt like i'd chopped me left arm off !!!

    Try to stick with it if you can because i know you'll have heard it a million times but it really does get easier :)

    Keep on keepin on Lou :):) Love Lisa xx

  • I have to keep this one going, or i will go off my tree. surprised i havn't already, been going in so many circles lately. No wonder i feel dizzy. lol

    Feeling pretty good at the minute, but then not really had time to think cos this flippin phone wont stop ringing. and its very early in the day. but it has been 12 hours and each hour all adds up to days/weeks/months/years. lol.

  • Hi Lisa


    -to think of me never having another fag ever again was just something i just could not think about,it was inconceiveable. On the first couple of weeks i felt like i was grieving-felt like i'd chopped me left arm off !!!

    Try to stick with it if you can because i know you'll have heard it a million times but it really does get easier :)

    Keep on keepin on Lou :):) Love Lisa xx

    know what you mean about that lisa, but its so good to see that it can be done. Last time i tried i kept bursting into tears for no reason, probably a bit like grief. Good to know it does get easier. Thanks

  • Thanks Boudee, I really do intend sticking with it this time round. I am going to make this my last attempt.

    Anyway, anyone fancy doing my ironing. I will pay you. I got a big bag of peanuts in the cupboard. lol;)

  • Just keep going !!

    You only gotta give up one cigarette.

    The NEXT one. The way I see it (and I've just passed 6 months) is that every time (even now) when I crave, I just think that I've only gotta miss the next one out. I don't even worry about the long term stuff (although to be fair, I am absolutely 100% CERTAIN that I'll never smoke another cig in my life !).

    You CAN do it. Just keep that as a mantra. I also used a piece of card and whenever I craved - or felt weak - I'd just glance at that. It worked for me.

    It's all just a trick of the mind. Just keep telling yourself that it's you that is in charge of your mind. 'Cos you are !

    Good luck !! You CAN do it !:D

  • Thank you ALL

    Some really good advice in all these posts everyone. How did you all get to be soooooo good at this.

    Sue, keep at it, we can do it, Were NOT going back this time. your little speach to yourself does make sence. will give that one a wirl, anything to keep us from going backwards or staying still. Hang in there, and take some deep breaths.

  • i have one on the office pc but cant remember where i got it from to download for my laptop. where did you get yours from.

  • Hi Looby

    You are just like me....round and round... but this is where it stops! We can do this - I've been giving a mantra a try as well. Yesterday was 'feeling good' today's is 'feeling good, feeling fit' - thought I might add a word each day but might struggle after about two weeks to remember them all!!!

    I know I'm a complete nutter but anything's worth a try:)


  • hey loopy, not on my own then going round. lol. Today has gone soooooo slow. but then so what, at least my life will be longer. I am so Bored at the mo. going to pick youngest up in a min so she will talk my socks of for a bit. lol. listening to mp3 helps cos i got loads of songs to sing along to. will probably end up with headache though by the end of the day. it will be worth it.

  • do one

    but if you goodle quit meter - there are loads available now



    Thanks Sue

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