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New Here and On day 7

hey guys,

Im on day 7 and coping extremely well with the cravings but my body is worse for wear.

I am a 22 year old who has been smoking for 9 years. I have been smoking heavier the last couple of years probably 15-25 a day.

My body around day 2 has gone into shut down - coughing, sweating, headaches, sore muscles, sore throat, Coughing all night (a deep chesty cough) that I cant sleep and my head feels like it's going to explode with every cough. I am light headed and very on edge, but no cravings which has kept me going on with all this pain.

I originally decided to quit for a simple reason that I would go to bed thinking I would die cause my chest felt so heavy and I felt out of breathe all the time - it doesnt help I am asthmatic, but now I am on the road of recovery.

Has anyone else had syptoms as bad as these and what advise is there to survive the symptoms of the smokers flu not the cravings.



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know what you going through, my chest was so tight i even had chest pains. thought it would never pass. This week ive had first cold since my quit, I can hardly believe that im no where near as ill as usual. It always went straight to my weak spot "lungs" it was anitbiotics or a choking cough for weeks. Puffing on inhalers, and generaly unwell for weeks. This cold just cant get that kind of a grip on me hurray. I used to dread the colds and flu time of year, Now im healthier if a little fater ha! good luck



I'm a few days further down the road than you but not far enough so that you can't see my dust trail.

I started with a chesty cough which has now reduced to an occasional tickly one. The chesty one was the sort that each time I coughed my eye felt like it was going to pop out onto my cheek. I've been light-headed and I've had disturbed sleeping patterns.

You must remember that smoking releases those "fight or flight" chemicals into your eager bloodstream so your diet is pretty much messed up and nicotine apparantly speeds up your caffeine absorbtion rate by 203%.

So, in a nutshell, if you simply stop smoking and change nothing else then your blood sugar levels are going to be totally pants and you'll be loaded on twice your usual caffeine.

Start by eating "correctly", breakfast, lunch, dinner and half your caffeine intake. They say cranberry juice is a very good cleanser but i just try to drink at least a litre of water minimum per day now in addition to coffee etc.

I'm on day 11 now. No craves, but last night was the first night I didn't wake up wide awake at 3 in the morning.

Stick with it. :)


I am on day 8 now. The pain in my throat is quite serious now, but that only stops me from smoking, so that's OK I suppose.

I went to the pub last saturday thinking that I wouldn't be able to drink a pint without a ciggie but to my surprise I coped quite well. If it wasn't for the smoking ban I would most certainly have had a smokey.... Long live the smoking ban...


WELCOME!!!!! Congrats on day 7. What a great place to be :D You are doing aamazing and you will feel better soon. Listen to Boudee she knows best :)


Thanks everyone - and thanks for the advice. I sure will try the steam - Well im heading into day 9 tomorrow so I'll see you all in the section YAY!!


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