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Back again!!!

Hi all

Just been reading some of your posts -very inspiring. I was beginning to despair of myself but you have all give me the strength to really kick this thing out, especially as many of you are also on your umpteenth attempt!

I know some of you old timers will remember me! I'm still fighting and tomorrow I'm going to give it another go - been on and off for months now and I'm truly sick of it... Wish I'd never had one after three months..:o

I'll let you know how I get on. I know I'll get great support on here (as always!)

Loopy XX:)

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GOOD LUCK BABE!!!!!!! you can do it!!!!!!!!!! Elvis would say "the wonder of you" - yes, that's you!!!!!!! and a little support form the forum of course!!!!!!! :D x x x


Hi Loopy, I am one of them that keeps trying and i think that is all we can do. Just keep trying and hopefully we will kick it.

Best of luck with your quit and i will see you here tomorrow x


Thanks guys for the encouragement - see you tomorrow...



Hi Loopy! I remember you!

Welcome back!

In fact it was only yesterday that I started a post asking where all the old members have gone and there you appear!

Good to have you back again!:D


Hello Loopy,

welcome back. :)


Hi Loopy

Welcome home babe it will be great to have you back. good luck for 2moro speak then. Linda xx


Hi Loopy, I'm one of those that never seem to get off the ground. New Day Tomorrow. 7th Feb is my New Day. We can but try. Good luck this time round. :D


Thanks Everyone


It's good to be back. Yesterday went ok - sorry I didn't reply ... too many kids - too little energy....I fell asleep!

Serial quitters of the world unite!

Good luck all - it seems there's going to be quite a few of us on the wagon this week:)



Hi Sue

There seems to be loads of people this week - it's almost like a party!

It must be a good omen:p



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