No Smoking Day

Here i am again!

Hello peeps,

Im back with you all again today, hopefully for good this time. Ive got my patch on and appointment with the nurse at 2.45. Ive wrote all my reasons for wanting to quit down so i can read them when im feeling weak. Ive ordered Quit smoking without gaining weight from the library.

Im hoping ive considered every angle but we`ll see. And i will be making some plans for that dreaded 2nd week :D

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Hi Sara.

Come on we can do this xxxx


Good luck Sara. I really hope you crack it this time! :)



well done for getting back on with quitting - that shows real determination. Hope it goes ok with the nurse today.

We're all rooting for you hun. xx



Get past that two week mark and you will feel on top form. Linda xxxxxx


Well Done Sara and Flippy x x x x x

Welcome back I wish you every success this time x x

You's can do this! ;)


One day at a time Sara & Flippy.

If you want it it WILL happen ;)



HIYA!! Welcome back! You are on the right track ;)

Kick the demon in the butt and laugh in his face - you can do it! :eek:


Thanks everyone :D

The nurse has prescribed me some lozengers (sp) for when it gets tough just so ive got that little bit more help than the patches. Me and Flippy will do it this time wont we Flip :D


Good thinking on the nurses part! Anything to keep you ciggie free! You sound very motivated which is great. You can do it Sara - keep your head high! :) Flippy will do it this time too! I have faith ;)


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