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new here and on day 7 as a non smoker


hi guys just want to say what a wonderful place this is so much support and encouragment given, just wish i found you earlier.

ive made it to day 7 as a non smoker and boy i am so proud of myself for getting this far, i am using patches but i looked this morning and ive only used four out of the seven(dont know whats happened there). I was a smoker for 16-17 years and on 30+ a day, so it feels really good to be able to breath again and not wheeze in a morning or at any part of the day for that matter. So far so good no blips i just keep telling myself keep up the good work.

Nice to meet you all

Hadders .

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Welcome on board, I'm nearly on day 7 only a few hours to go - check out Willy, Erb & Eric also on day 7 or very close to it. Great support on this site wouldn't have lasted without it.


welcome hunnie. i also wouldn't have lasted without this forum so you're in the right place babe!!!! well done for getting to day 7!!! :D x x x

Well done mate 7 days that a full week worse is over. Just take each day as it comes keep posting and stay strong Linda xxxxx

Congratulations Hadders!!

Welcome on board!! :D

Congrats Hadders! :)

Your smoking habits seem to have been quite similar to mine what with the 30 cigs a day for 15/16 years heh :D - we can so do this pal, stay strong and be proud of yourself!

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