No Smoking Day
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I don't want to feel stupid any more

Stupid for spending money on things that are bad for me

Stupid for damaging my health every day while I was smoking

Stupid for making my breath, hair and clothes stink

Stupid for standing outside in all weathers while my friends are snug indoors

Stupid for ever having started smoking

Stupid, and this is especially stupid, for still wanting a cigarette in spite of all these very good reasons for not smoking

I don't want to feel stupid any more. I want to stop. I will stop.

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I want to stop. I will stop.

Those words there are all you need.!;)

Oh and a bit of willpower helps :o


Good post Trev.. know where you're coming from! keep strong.:D





Hey, thanks for your input, very....ummmm... errrr.....what was that posh word I heard someone use, oh yeah, ERUDITE, that was it.

{Cough} Tosser.


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